EAST MONTGOMERY COUNTY — A Montgomery County Precinct 4 Deputy Constable was transported to a hospital Tuesday morning after crashing an ATV during a pursuit. The incident occurred around 10 a.m. in Lone Star Ranch Subdivision. Fortunately, the deputy was wearing a helmet and only sustained minor injuries. He was examined in the hospital’s emergency room, where he was treated and released.

Members of the Constable’s Office were patrolling that subdivision and others due to a rash of recent burglaries. The ATV’s are sometimes utilized for this type of patrol because they are less noticeable than a regular patrol vehicle, and useable on more terrain, with the ability to go where a car or SUV cannot.

Two deputies noticed a red Dodge Ram 1500 pickup when it turned onto Lone Star Drive, crossing the oncoming lane of traffic, without using a turn signal on the heavily traveled SH 242. The pickup’s two white male occupants looked at the deputies, one of whom was signaling the truck to stop, and then looked forward and kept going. The deputies then saw the driver disregard a stop sign and increase his speed significantly. The deputies followed with lights activated.

The truck was northbound in the 16200 block of Wild Oak Lane when the driver slammed on his brakes and turned into a driveway. When the pickup stopped abruptly, the deputy traveling closest behind was forced to take evasive action to avoid striking the truck. As a result, the deputy’s ATV flipped and he was ejected, landing on a concrete driveway. The second deputy saw the truck’s passenger, 33-year-old Scott Andrew Conn of Conroe, get out of the truck and try to walk away, initially ignoring orders to stop. Conn finally complied and the deputy took him into custody. The suspect had a methamphetamine pipe in his belt area, along with a small amount of methamphetamine.

Amazingly, the injured deputy managed to get on his feet and handcuff the driver, 41-year-old Patrick Glenn Heatherly of Conroe, before collapsing. Medics and additional Precinct 4 units responded. Another deputy took over with the driver and found he too had methamphetamine on his person.

Scott Andrew Conn is charged with state jail felony Possession of a Controlled Substance and class A misdemeanor Evading Arrest / Detention.

Patrick Glenn Heatherly is charged with state jail felony Possession of a Controlled Substance and state jail felony Evading Arrest / Detention with Vehicle.

The vehicle was seized.

Deputies patrolling using ATV’s will continue throughout the summer in various neighborhoods to reduce thefts and burglaries.


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  1. spk

    Yes, it’s very refreshing to hear that the rest of a family are decent people who recognized right and wrong, law-abiding and abusers, etc. There always can be a bad seed, but the rest of the family doesn’t have to stoop so low as to defend the abuser over and over and over. Let’s pray for this family that has probably been put through all this because one of theirs has no regard for them or others in society.

  2. LocalDrifter

    Way to go krismvaz!
    Scott is my brother… I don’t feel sorry for him…

    Someone acknowledging knowing what’s right and what’s wrong and calling out wrong even if it’s manifested in their own brother. Too many ascribe to that, “My _______, Right or Wrong” silliness. It’s rare to come across it here where most chime in to defend their bloodline having made a mistake, not a bad choice.

  3. FrankieD

    My brother, Scott, IS no Angel. But as he was staying with my family 2 years ago we were not only trying to change the way he acted but the way he thought. For any real change comes from within. After 10 months of living the straight and narrow we were finally able to get him a job and a glimmer of hope. About that time, these other family members began to undermine our efforts until he moved in with them. At that point we knew it was a matter of time until he wound up incarcerated again. I am very disappointed, but not surprised by anything going on in that house.

    1. Jamie Nash

      Sorry to hear that Frankie. There’s only so much you can do. A person makes their own choices and it doesn’t matter how well they were raised or how good their families, sometimes they still choose a bad path.

  4. krismvaz

    Just got the call about this and I can say that I am not surprised! Scott is my brother and he has always been involved in this type of illegal activity. This Isn’t his first rodeo. I don’t feel sorry for him and it’s sad to say but he brought this upon himself. Do I think he will learn his lesson? Of course not! You can’t help someone that doesn’t want to help themself. Take care big brother and I hope this is an eye opener for you

  5. spk

    There should be extra automatic heavy penalties when someone doesn’t stop when a law enforcement officer tells them to. That’s absurd.

  6. conroetx

    Send them back to England on the ship their ancestors came in!! We don’t need dope head criminals here!! Their ancestors must of been the ones that killed the Indians. Maybe criminal blood runs through their viens. Send them back from where they came from!

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