About 1056am Friday a oversize load was westbound on SH 105 east near Walker Road. Many motorists were moving very slowly behind this escorted load. It was then that an 18-wheeler loaded with lumber traveling at highway speed westbound slammed into the line of vehicles and went over the top of at least one. The 74,000 pound truck then crossed the eastbound lane and flipped in a stand of pine trees almost 100 feet off the road. A it traveled it was dragging a Mercedes with it. Both the male driver and female passenger on the Mercedes passed away on the scene. A woman in the Cadillac was in critical condition and taken to Conroe Regional Medical Center where she died some three hours later on the operating table. The truck driver is in stable condition and was able to crawl out of the truck. The driver of the Ford F250 who was also rear ended was not injured but witnessed it and described the scene. Another vehicle was also struck but was drivable and the driver was not injured. The child in the Cadillac was on the right rear seat of the vehicle in a safety seat is in critical condition at Houston Memorial Hermann Hospital after being flown from Conroe Regional by Life Flight. The driver of the 18-wheeler owned by Big Boy Trucking of Buna, Texas has been transported to the Montgomery County Jail and is being charged with three counts of intoxication manslaughter and two counts of intoxication assault.

Montgomery County Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace James Metts responded to the scene and ordered Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport the deceased to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office assisted in the investigation. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office assisted in traffic control as did TXDOT.

SH 105 remains closed as a Haz-Mat Team cleans up close to 12 gallons of oil spilled on the roadway and then spread by motorists driving around the crash scene. In addition almost 200 gallons of diesel fuel which spilled.



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