July 3, 2022 7:34 am


investigation continues into officer involved shooting

The Texas Rangers, DPS, Montgomery County District Attorney and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department continue to investigate the officer involved shooting in the 600 block of Sawdust Road.

Just after 2:30 a.m. a 2005 black KIA was struck the rear of an elderly females car at SH 242 and Interstate 45. The driver of the KIA then made several attempts to leave the scene as he had parked under her vehicle. Once he was able to free his vehicle he fled the scene. Moments later a wrecker spotted that black KIA at Green Bridge and Research and followed it until a Montgomery County unit could intercept it.
A short time later a Montgomery County Patrol Unit caught up with the vehicle and tried to stop it. The driver only doing about 30 mph refused to stop and continued east on Research.
Additional units were able to set spikes up at Six Pines and Research which the 2005 KIA hit with his right two tires. The vehicle then turned south on I-45 and sped up to approximately 40 mph. Multiple units continued following the vehicle on the feeder to Sawdust Road.
When the vehicle turned right on Sawdust Road his right tire fell off the rim. The vehicle continued west on Sawdust Road to the 600 block where he wrecked out and turned into the CVS parking lot. The driver continued behind the CVS and that’s when officers saw something in his hands The driver continued driving around the parking lot.
It was at that point shots rang pout . It was unclear if thee first shots were from the suspect or law enforcement.

The white male who appeared to be in his forties was shot one time.
The driver was taken to Hermann Hospital in the Woodlands in critical condition.
Montgomery County Sheriffs Office Detectives, DPS, and the Texas Rangers are now on the scene investigating.