“Is this any way to honor a young man that gave his life for his country?”


Cpl. Joseph D. LoganWillis resident Tom Logan is angry with President Obama and his administration, and he wants things to change. Logan’s anger has nothing to do with the Republican Convention, the economy, or any of the other issues on the evening news. Tom Logan is angry because of what he and many others consider an unconscionable lack of respect shown to his family following the death of his son who died serving his country in the Marine Corps.

Cpl. Joseph D. “Joey” Logan was one of six marines killed January 19 when their Vietnam era CH-53D Sea Stallion heavy-lift helicopter crashed without warning while supporting combat operations in the Helmand province in the mountains of Afghanistan. Joey Logan was scheduled to wrap up his deployment and return home just over two months later, where he planned to reenlist and remain stateside. It was also supposed to be the last mission for the aircraft that was older than any of its crew. But Tom Logan and his wife Debi are not angry about where Joey died or why he was there. They are proud they raised a son who was such a patriot and offered the ultimate sacrifice for his country. In fact, both Tom and Debi served in the United States Air Force and they have two other children who remain in the military and Tom says his middle child’s death has not made him wish the other two had chosen different paths.

Notification of Joey Logan’s death was made in the traditional and appropriate way, by two uniformed Marines who knocked on their door that fateful night. Tom Logan says the Marine Corps has gone above and beyond what he and Debi expected in the days and months following their son’s death, making every effort to assist the family with whatever they needed and making sure the Logan’s know Joey was also part of a much larger family and would not be forgotten by his brothers and sisters who remain in the US Marine Corps. The Logans received numerous letters of condolence from high ranking Marine Officials, with the first dated January 19, the day of their son’s death. They also saw a tremendous outpouring of support not only from their friends in the Willis community, but from all over Montgomery County and far beyond. Even members of the news media, typically known for being cold an indifferent, seemed to go out of their way to show their respect and gratitude for the service and sacrifice of the 22-year-old whose life was cut short.

The one person who treated Marine Cpl. Joseph D. Logan’s death as though it were insignificant, ignoring it for five months before mailing a form letter with what appears to be an electronic signature to Tom and Debi Logan was the United States commander-in-chief, President Barack Hussein Obama.


The form letter of condolence from the President was dated May 9 and delivered by a UPS driver on May 16, three days shy of exactly five months after Joey Logan and five other Marines died in that helicopter crash in Afghanistan.


The Logans have since learned their experience is not unique, nor is their outrage.


The question posed by Tom Logan – “Is this any way to honor a young man that gave his life for his country?”

Read more about Tom and Debi Logan’s struggle to create awareness and bring about change in part 2 of this article, including the letters they each sent to Mr. Obama. Part 3 will cover their plans to honor their son’s memory by helping Marines who return home alive, and what you can do to let the current administration know this country’s fallen sons and daughters deserve more respect than a form letter with an electronic signature delivered by a UPS driver months after their deaths.

Below are links to articles published by MCPR regarding Joey Logan’s death and the unprecedented show of respect and support in Montgomery County when he arrived home and when his family and friends said goodbye:

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  1. bodane

    I feel for these people and all the others who have lost loved ones to these immoral wars of conquest. What is hard for me to understand is how anyone can still believe they are risking their lives for their country after all that has been done to strip away freedoms for the average citizen over the last several years while the rulers declare more power over us. Returning veterans are considered a threat to security and so much more that it is obvious to thinking people that they are risking their lives for global fascism. Foreign terrorists aren’t much of a threat to the people. There is a much greater chance of being killed by your friendly neighborhood cop than by any other terrorist.

  2. hpdwife

    Truetexan- I’m not going to bash or disrespect you, in any way. However, I will tell you that you are, “beyond a shadow of a doubt”, WRONG! The next time you decide to post about a topic to which you, obviously know very little, perhaps you should do a bit of research. As the wife of a marine, who served while President George W. Bush was in office, during Operation Iraqi Freedom, AND Operation Enduring Freedom, I can tell you BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that George W. Bush personally penned his signature on every letter that I ever read, to a fallen Marine’s family, AND on the letter I, MYSELF, received when my husband was injured. If George W. Bush is respectful enough to personally sign his letters to families of the INJURED, then the least Obama should do is take the time to honor the men fighting for HIS country, by signing a letter of condolence to the families of our true heroes, AND making sure the letter(s) get to the families within a reasonable time!!

  3. debbieralson

    well said ms jamie. i agree about total disrespect for our fallen heros. i was 16 yrs old when my dad died in 1979. i remember my mom getting the letter… yes it was auto signed by Pres. Jimmy Carter, but i do remember it did not take 5 months. my father in law also passed away 4 yrs ago and he was a wwII vet and again it did not take 5 months and that was auto signed by Pres. George W Bush.
    to me, it sounds as though Pres. Obama is still showing NO respect for our military, alive or deceased. No i did not support him 4 yrs ago nor will i support him this election. I am an AMERICAN and i want what is best for this great country!

  4. leonar18

    Great. So I’ll start looking for posts about the “disrespect” shown by every other president in history in this exact same manner.

    1. Jamie Nash

      According to the Washington Times, President George W. Bush sent out 4,000 handwritten (by him) letters to soldiers’ families during his presidency, but this isn’t about him. This is about Cpl. Logan, who died this year under this president and whose death was ignored by this president for five months, unlike the rapper Heavy D, whose funeral included a letter written by Obama and hand delivered and read by Al Sharpton.

  5. leonar18

    Form letters (and auto-pen if it’s found to have been used) are nothing new. Even Fox News concedes that.

    I’m just curious what this has to do with the Montgomery County Police? Aren’t you concerned with how you’re spending my tax dollars? Are blog posts like this really a good use of police time?

    1. Jamie Nash

      This is site is mostly about law enforcement in Montgomery County. There is no such agency as the “Montgomery County Police.” Your tax dollars aren’t paying us for this and when a story involves disrespect toward an American hero who was a local resident and whose family still lives here, we’ll cover it every time and we won’t apologize to you or anyone else for that!

      Five months for a form letter with an auto-pen signature is a disgrace and delivery by UPS added insult to injury.

      If you don’t like it, don’t read it. You’re not paying for it.

  6. Mr. Smartypants

    “Without a shadow of doubt”? You know that for a fact, do you? “…like any other president we have had.” No, he’s not. I will not beat up on you too much.

    His golf playing is not exaggerated. He has played 100 rounds of golf during his time in office. I say, check your facts. I don’t play golf, but 100 rounds of golf translate into quite a bit of time he could have spent, say…creating a sensible budget. That, combined with at least seven lavish vacations, some lasting as long as 3 weeks, earns him quite a bit of disrespect from me.

    Another fact that is often overlooked. There are already 175 mosques in New York city. Muslims typically build mosques at places of conquest. Do your research. They are located at every holy Christian site in the middle east. There is nothing wrong with rejecting the attempt to place one near ground zero.

    Back to the topic of Obama snubbing the military. It started before his presidency, when he was a senator. All you have to do is look at his voting record in the senate. I did, and that is one reason I could not vote for the man. I know that you are a die hard fan of Obama, and I will not ever change your mind. I had fun sparring with you.

  7. truetexan

    I did rattle off a list of past presidents, presidents that surely without a shadow of a doubt did the exact same thing. It isn’t sound logic to think any president during wartime would have the time to personally sign everything that is sent out which sadly also includes letters of condolences. The fact that he does the various other tasks as president and doesn’t personally sign every letter doesn’t make him uncaring, it makes him like any other president we have had. That also includes the exagerated ” five months of golf.” I am sure our past president Bush ” personally signed ” all of the sent letter of condolences during his many vacations which allotted to more than any other president. I think that everyone is missing the point in the long run. The majority of Americans who do not like president Obama list everything right wing media tells them he has somehow done wrong and do very little fact checking. Much as the left wing is guilty of doing the same when they don’t like who is in office. President Obama has done nothing at all to disrespect our nation, our troops, or our military. He has taken nothing but criticism since the day he has taken office and has been accussed of outrageous and just stupid things that when sat and thought about logically don’t make sense. I stand by my statement that fear, more than anything else drives the right wing agenda at this current time in our nation. Fear is strong, the strongest weapon of all as histroy has repeatedly shown us, and can make the masses see things that just aren’t there. I don’t agree with everything our president has done, but I know that he has done nothing to earn the bad reputation that he has been given, especially for a man who has only been in office four years. We gave Bush eight and while it was a mistake, we gave them the full two terms. As far as the Mosque goes, I stand by my original comment as well. It was never going to be built on the site of ground zero, just next to it. It was only the fact that it was a mosque that it was a problem. A church, synagogue, Mcdonalds would have been accepted by most everyone but not a Mosque. People preach of the freedom that America radiates, but when it would be a model mark of freedom, it gets rejected.

  8. bigcalvin

    truetexan i can’t believe you would even back that man for any reason much less his disrespected for our country, our flag and our military from the day he took office he is not a true American and i thank everyone in the world knows this are i thought they did but i guess you do not thank that’s true but yet you say you are a true texan and letting them build a mosque next to ground zero is wrong i agree everyone should be able to have there place of worship but i do not thank ground zero is the right place to put a mosque it is noting but total disrespect to all the family’s that lost loved ones there
    rest in peace Cpl. Joseph D. “Joey” Logan

  9. Mr. Smartypants

    Hey “True Texan”: Just think of how many rounds of golf Obama was able to fit in during the past five months. The letters that the families received didn’t even have a real penned signature from the president. You rattled off a list of past presidents. They would never have done the same thing.

  10. terrye

    It’s a total disgrace that the president of the United States has displayed such disrespect to Tom and Debi Logan regarding the tragic loss of their son. It was apparent that members of the Marine command staff displayed their respect to the family of a fallen hero in a timely manner. I agree that receipt such an impersonal letter from the president five months down the road is completely unacceptable and should be followed with an official and publicized letter of apology to the Logan family asking their forgiveness for his blatant disregard to the ultimate sacrifice made by their son Cpl. Joseph D. “Joey” Logan, as well as the sacrifices made by his family and friends,including his siblings who continue serving our country.
    As a former police officer for the City of Willis Police Dept. for many years, I can only hope that I’ve had the opportunity and honor of meeting Cpl. Joseph Logan and other members of the Logan family at one time or another, whether if it was at the Willis Baseball Park “if he played or attended baseball games” or at one of his schools. I pray for the Logan family as I know they have suffered the ultimate sacrifice of losing their son who was a true hero to all American’s. I offer my deepest sympathy and respect for their loss. We as American’s have all lost another true hero as he performed his duties of protecting our country, and each fallen member of our military are considered one fallen hero too many!, furthermore true respect should be offered for the loss of each and each one of our fallen heroes, and should be paid in a timely manner, not five months later on a generic typed letter.Our hearts and prayers are with you. God bless you and the United States of America!

  11. truetexan

    I’m sorry but I completely disagree with everything posted on the comments. It is always tragic when we lose one of our soldiers no one can deny that, but to just blatantly show blind outrage without knowing the full story doesn’t make much sense other than hating to hate. I am sure Eisenhower, Wilson, Johnson, Nixon, Clinton, Bush etc. didn’t personally take the time to write out the letter of condolences that they sent, or even sign each one on their own. Not only that but I doubt every letter got to the family in any reasonable time. Did anyone stop to think that the delay could have been the staffs fault and not the presidents. It isn’t like he gets a few letters a day he is the leader of our great nation, every letter gets processed and goes through tons of hands before it ever reaches him. It is also very strange to comment that he has time to do leisure activities but not do his job because let’s be honest our last president surely took very long extended vacations during a war he started and never finished. To dislike a president is fine, I put up with America’s worst president for eight years when Bush was in office and in my opinion he destroyed America, but some if not most of the ridicule President Obama gets is unfair. Still, this being America everyone is free to have their own opinions no matter how influenced by just straight fear induced by certain media and politicians it might be. Also, since it was mentioned, what harm does building a mosque next to ground zero bring? It isn’t disrespectful, it doesn’t hurt anyone, it is simply a place of worship. No different than a church or synagogue being built there. Alright, I could continue but I think I have said what I felt needed to be said for all the good it did.


    I must say…this brought instant tears and is very “NAUSATING”
    Add to your list of “don’t dos” three things: you don’t confuse ignorance for intelligence, you don’t build a mosque next to Ground Zero, and the president does not opt out of honoring fallen heroes, who proudly rest six-feet under, under his command, gave their lives so we could be free NOR their beloved family!
    Selfish, Narcissistic ppl have time to do whats important to them. Obama has time to play golf, basketball and with the boys @ the bath house, but not honor those he commands! President Obama’s actions clearly indicate he does not care for you or me much less America.
    i am embarrested of deepest aplogies to The Logans…i am truly in awe that this has happened…you deserve way more than that..smh..JOEY WILL ALWAYS BE A HERO ESPECIALLY TO US IN WILLIS…THANK YOU MARINE!

  13. dreamwatcher

    And we are shocked because….??? Our president will not even put his hand over his heart to show respect for our flag or our country. As a mother of a soldier that will be leaving for Afghanistan in November, I cannot convey the amount of sorrow I have for the Logan family and how thankful I am for all of their children’s service to our country, but especially Joey, who gave his life for all Americans. Yes, I proudly stood by with my American flag and my hand over my heart when they arrived home. I hope I never get that knock at the door…but more importantly, I hope I never get a letter from Obama who doesn’t even deserve to be called President. RIP Cpl. Logan and your six comrades…America is proud of you and so is Montgomery County! ♥

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