“It’s all lies”

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As early voting begins in East Montgomery on Tuesday, the battle for public opinion rages on, but the biggest differences are not necessarily between candidates. A Willis woman and her son are speaking out against candidate Monte Lane who is, for the second time, challenging Pct. 4 Commissioner Ed Rinehart for his seat.

Tamatha Moreci and her son, Tyler Bynum, say Lane is a racist, a child abuser, and a liar, who should not be in any position of power and they want their story told. They say they witnessed Lane’s abuse firsthand three years ago and took his daughter to Child Protective Services, which resulted in her removal from Lane’s home and placement with his brother, before Lane moved his family to Utah to escape having his secrets exposed.

Lane says Moreci and Bynum are liars who have emerged with a convoluted story that is part of the incumbent’s strategy to win the election, which Lane says will end differently this time. During an interview lasting over 2 ½ hours, Lane’s responses to questions raised by Moreci and Bynum’s statements included the words “lies” and “Rinehart,” over and over.

However, when he was first asked about their allegations and had no time to prepare, his response was, “That’s got nothing to do with this. That don’t have nothing to do with this race.”

Originally, that was true. Moreci went to the news media with the same information three years ago, nearly a year after Lane’s first failed bid for the Commissioner’s seat, when no one knew he would run again. Since he was not in office or a candidate at the time, no news media took an interest.

Later in last week’s interview, Lane was again asked about whether CPS removed his child from his home.

“I’m talking about- the woman is a liar – I’m not gonna comment on nothing else,” he said.

Though Lane maintains Moreci is working to get Rinehart reelected, he had no evidence or explanation for his contention.

Moreci no longer lives in Pct. 4 and her 18-year-old son, Tyler, lives in Harris County and attends the University of Houston.

Tyler was a sophomore at Caney Creek High School when he met Lane’s freshman daughter. On Tyler’s 16th birthday, he says she invited him to a dance at her church, and she and Susan Lane, picked up Tyler at his home. He says he met both of her parents that night and they seemed very nice. If his being bi-racial were an issue, they did not show it, he said.

Tyler and Lane’s daughter continued to grow closer, he said and there seemed to be no problem until a teacher saw him kiss her goodbye after walking her to a class. The teacher wrote what’s called a “referral” which went to Susan Lane, informing her of their infraction.

“Her mom gave it to her dad, and that’s when Monte found out about that, and pulled her out of school,” Tyler said. “Then everything went down from there.”

Monte Lane’s daughter then told Tyler she would now be home-schooled, he said, and her father would not allow them to see one another. After Tyler got his driver’s license in December, the teens began to secretly see one another, but they were soon caught by Monte Lane.

Tyler says the girl was so afraid of what her father would do that she begged him to take her somewhere and he wound up leaving her at a cousin’s house.

When the Lanes could not find their daughter, Moreci says they contacted her and she called her son and told him to bring Lane’s daughter back to her house.

Moreci said she thought the adults would talk to the children together when the Lanes arrived, in the hopes of setting some boundaries. She and Tyler say, instead, Monte Lane was yelling at his daughter from outside, demanding that she come to him and seemed so enraged, they were taken aback.

“She was scared,” Tyler said. “She wouldn’t go she wouldn’t leave, so he goes in the back of the house just drags her out of the house yelling and screaming.”

Moreci described their exit as Monte Lane slinging his daughter through her house.

Tyler said as Monte Lane left, he turned back to the boy and said, “I should knock your front teeth out you f’ing nigger. You’re lucky you don’t wind up dead in a ditch.”

His mom told him to get inside and lock the door and he complied.

The next day, Tyler says he got a message to go and pick up Lane’s daughter, who told him her dad had beaten her and locked her in the bathroom. They met Moreci at CPS, he said.

“That’s when we filed all these charges on what Monte had done to her,” Tyler said.

Lane’s daughter was dressed in pajamas, Tyler said, and he saw serious bruises all over her lower legs. CPS took photos of those and then asked him to leave the room while they photographed those covered by her pajamas.

Moreci and Tyler say CPS placed Lane’s daughter with his brother Robin, which Moreci questioned at the time.

Tyler said the girl soon told him that Monte Lane had told Mr. Hickey with CPS that Tyler beat and bruised her, and had also drugged and raped her.

Moreci and Bynum say Tyler was never questioned about it.

A short time later, they say Monte Lane moved his family to Utah, including his daughter. They never knew if CPS legally returned her.

Lane claims one of his other daughters had cancer and they went to Utah for specialized treatment, but Tyler says as close as he and Lane’s daughter were, she never mentioned a sick sister.

Tyler and Moreci are certain the Lanes moved because their secrets were being exposed.

“They went to get away from this – this was spreading- because me and my mom, we’d made flyers because everybody’s blind to it,” Tyler said. “This guy, Monte Lane, nobody knew who he was and what he’s done.”

“Mom put flyers out at the church and everywhere so people could realize who he was, so he moved away and all of a sudden,” he said.

Tyler said he continued to hear from Lane’s daughter now and again, but they eventually grew apart. She has a year of high school left and he has gone on to the U of H where he is majoring in sports administration.

Just when the series of awful events began to fade into the past, Tyler said he came home for a CCHS football game in late 2009, and was approached by a familiar face with a new attitude.

“(Monte Lane) came and apologized for all the things he did to her and the things he said to me and then wanted to apologize to my mom, he wanted my mom’s cell number and I didn’t give it to him,” Tyler said. “I didn’t care so I just said okay, okay.”

The racial slur was not addressed, he said.

Tyler said Lane approached him at another event and tried to make idle chitchat and the motivation was unclear until he began to see campaign yard signs.

“Now that I know he’s running for (office) I understand why he’s trying to apologize to me and why he’s trying to talk to me,” he said. “He didn’t want this to become like it is now – he didn’t want us to come out with this.”

Lane also denies apologizing.

“I never apologized – apologized to him for what,” Lane asked. “I never threatened him. It’s all a lie.”

As for the commissioner’s race and Monte Lane’s assertion that the mother and son were tools of another political campaign, Tyler said he lives in Houston and doesn’t really care who wins, as long as it is not Monte Lane.

“If there were 300 other people running, I would randomly pick somebody else over Monte because I know what kind of man he is,” Tyler said. “He’s just a bad person.”

Tyler Bynum (right) and the young lady he identifies as Monte Lane's daughter. Her identity is concealed because she is a minor for six more days, as of this writing.

Additional information is being gathered today and will be presented as soon as all leads have been pursued.

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  1. Getaclue

    Obvslee…Yeah something happened 3 yrs ago…but not what that nutjob Tamatha is telling..she admited to being a “recovering addict” that right there confirms what I said in an earlier post. So why should anyone on here listen to what a lying drug addict has to say?? So you and your little friend can go spark up or snort or whatever it is that you do..

  2. ObvsLee

    I love that all the people defending the child abusing racist are confirming that something happened 3 years ago when Lane is swearing nothing did. He hasn’t said he didn’t want his daughter dating or kissing or she’s lying about the facts. He says there’s no truth to it but you’re defending him by saying there is! LMAO
    What a bunch of geniuses!
    You deserve for him to win so you’d see for yourselves but the rest of us shouldn’t have to pay for your stupidity.

  3. ccp

    I have only told the story of my firsthand experience with this creep Monte Lane…you Getaclue were not there, you were not at the Conroe CPS office on February 12,2007 while his daughter told MCSO deputies in detail how her father beat her or while CPS workers took pictures of the bruises this girl bore; you were not at my home the night before when he slung her out of my house & treated my son the way he did…you did not answer the phone repeatedly to hear this monster threaten your child-I did, my 16 year old son did, my husband did, my parents did…so before you go spouting about things you have no firsthand knowledge of, before you go slandering my child-who is a million times the man you or Monte Lane will EVER hope to be-my suggestion to you is to do a little digging yourself. And also, maybe look at a few of the other things Monte has done…like promising jobs at the census to voters (my friend for one), filing false complaints…the list goes on…perhaps he’ll fund you in the future, maybe in city council of some podunk little village???

  4. Getaclue

    That’s funny about the stone throwing..thats a little hyprocritical don’t you’ve been throwing stones since you got on here..I for one put my kids first and foremost so no time to be an addict and the cheating?? Have you been drinking your bong water??? WTH your sounding like a loon…you seem to be on the up and up with all the 12 step programs..Maybe you need to see if they have one for “I lied so I can have 15 min of fame now I don’t know what to do with myself”

  5. ccp

    Getaclue-skeletons? I am a recovering addict with 8 years clean, no easy feat by the way-and I am VERY proud of it!! Perhaps you know so much about my accomplishments from a meeting, where you have talked about cheating on your wife, etc…I have probably overcome more in this lifetime than you will ever know, and maybe you shouldn’t attempt to throw stones when your house is oh so glassy…
    Pantherpride-once again, you speak of things you have no firsthand knowledge of…maybe you should ask Brooke the truth of why she was taken out of school, what really happened, and how she really feels about her father…and I’m glad that you too acknowledge that you heard all about this 3 years ago…

  6. pantherpride

    Getaclue..Finally there is a voice of reason on here. I support Monte 100%. I have known the family for years and think that all the accusations of child abuse and racism and just poor attempts to ruin a man and his family. I too base my opinion on first hand accounts. What I have seen first hand is a man that goes out of his way to help the youth in this county, a mother that is very committed to her husband and her children, a family that is very devoted to one another and a families intigrity that stands far above anyone that is trying to prove otherwise.

    I saw the lovely picture of Tyler and the Lane girl. This is proof of what? WHAT DOES THAT PROVE? I want real proof. Where is the paper work that proves Monte Lane “abused his child?” There is all this talk about Monte using his kids to elevate himself in this race. Monte is not the one that posted a pic of his child on a website. Yes, Monte did “stand before the public” and tell them what a good person he is. ITS TRUE. At least he is not “standing behind a website” blasting the intigrity of any other person. Monte loves the people of this county. ALL THE PEOPLE. I have never known him to identify a person by their race. This all comes down to one boy not “getting the girl” in the end. Monte does not have to explain to anyone his reasoning behind not wanting his daughter to date Tyler, or anyone else for that matter. SHE WAS A HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN!!! That should be reason enough for any responsible parent. I have sons and one of the first things that I have taught them about dating is that “you always respect the girls parents and the rules that have been set aside for her.” I would NEVER have either of my sons direspect the girl, the parents or themselves by bringing a girl to my house against he parents wishes. I DO NOT believe that Monte Harris Lane called Tyler Bynum or anyone else a “N’ and I KNOW Monte Harris Lane did not abuse his daughter. People are saying that he left Texas in order to run away from charges here in Texas. They are asking why he didnt stay here and “fight” the charges? THERE WERE NO CHARGES!!! At the time of the move the only fight that the Lane family was focused on was the fight for the life of the youngest daughter!!!!

    Roxib2- You began your comment with the truth and I must applaud you for that.. RUMOR!!! That was the only part of any of your comments that I felt the need to read.

    ccp- Not wanting your child to kiss all over her boyfriend at school has nothing to do with what century you live in or where you are from. It has everything to do with teaching our young girls to respect themselves. It is called morals. Miss Lane was not pulled out of school because she was caught kissing your son!! If this is the Lifetime Movie moment that you choose to live in, dont subject the rest of us to it. It is a rerun. We heard it all 3 years ago.

  7. Getaclue

    Just playing the same game you are honey, and it was not Monte that was saying what I posted. There have been quite a number of people that have stated what I posted about you. I can see by your post that I hit a nerve, so apparantly what others have said about your character are true. So who’s the dumbass that got on here to slander someone else when their little skeletons are just waiting to pop out of the closet..I think that would be you!!

  8. ccp

    Ok Getaclue, gloves off, eh??!! LMAO-get your facts straight dumbass! #1 there were people there, who had nothing to do with either candidate, I have never met Ed Rinehart-but would vote for a donkey before Monte Lane, if I voted in that precinct! #2 I have never not had complete and sole custody of my son…and Monte didn’t know me or anything about me when this occurred-I take it you are now acknowledging that this occurred, huh?! And, regardless of anything that I may have in my past just what sort of person does it make Monte to have treated a boy the way he did, to threaten him & call him a “nigger”?? Does the fact that I at one time in my life had some problems-long long ago in my life by the way-excuse his actions in your mind?? I have never had CPS in my life by the way-poor ol’ misunderstood Monte cannot say that, and yes dear, there ARE indeed records…and I take it you are also acknowledging that 3 years ago I did in fact bring this to the public’s attention…hmm, seems you’ve actually unintentionally corroborated my claims while spewing your own brand of hatred…

  9. Getaclue

    Well CCP you have basically just told everyone who’s pocket you are in…the other people that were there were the Rinehart clan so you or your family members are Rineharts little puppets. Now I see where your motivation comes from. I base my opinions what I see first hand, but since you want to throw accusations around, I can play that way too. Isn’t it true that you lost custody of your son because you had or still have a drug problem and the reason that your son wasn’t good enough for Brooke had nothing to do with him, it was because you were the one not good enough..I can see why you would hate Monte, he threw your past in your face and you didn’t like it. That’s why there are no charges on record against him and why you didn’t get anything accomplished 3 years ago because all you have been saying on here are lies!! Maybe Ed will pay you enough to support your habit.

  10. ccp

    Getaclue: How do you know where I was on Saturday afternoon, or where my family members were?? And unlike your friend Monte I have nothing to hide…put it out there, if it’s true I’ll tell you it’s true! I can tell you this-I have NEVER beaten one of my children, or used them to further any political aspirations I may have, and unlike Monte I am not running for any type of office-so haven’t placed myself under public scrutiny…nor have I lied to the public I want so badly to vote for me, or stood before the public and proclaimed what a good, ethical and honest person I truly am…I have however told the public what I witnessed and experienced, the true character (again, or lack thereof) of this person who so desperately wants to hold office in this county-things that I personally witnessed…the true character of this person which you for some reason seem blind to. You have seen what he wants you to see, not the truth.

  11. Getaclue

    Whatever lady, you were not there, I was… So its ok for an “off duty” police officer to come over and try to intimidate teenage girls? This so called police officer came over to where the Lane supporters have been standing all week to try and start trouble. Susan was holding one of the big PLASTIC signs that the wind blew into this man, the police officer that came to the scene said it was a joke. So if you were not there why dont you keep your mouth shut about things you know nothing about!! I’ve heard alot of not so pretty things about you as well, but I’ve chosen not to put it out there because I wasn’t there to witness it!!!

  12. ccp

    ObvsLee says:
    February 17, 2010 at 11:14 am
    Some racists pretend to be good christians so they can run for office but sometimes things go so far they can’t hide it anymore. If you didn’t want your kid to date and they got a kiss in the hallway at school would you check them out of school? What century do you live in? What country do you live in??? Maybe you’re from the Middle East.
    It doesn’t matter if the boy was black about that part. That shows he’s crazy even if you don’t know the rest of the story. My youngest daughter was a friend of Brook’s at CCHS. This is all true

    So Monte took a “black” boy into his home-so what? Guess all was fine so long as the boy didn’t look at one of his daughters, or one of his daughters decide she was in love with him…because he’s a closet racist doesn’t make him any less so! And yeah, Susan Lane is soooo protective of her children that she will assault an off duty police officer in front of them all at the polls over the weekend…this entire family is obviously irrational, violent and not at all the sharpest tools in the shed now, are they??!!

  13. Getaclue

    To say that this man is a “violent racist” is ludicrous. Monte has always tried to help troubled kids get back on track. He took a black troubled teen (Robert Hines aka “Hollywood”) into his own home to try and give this kid a second chance at a better life. It did not matter to him what color this boys skin was, he saw him as a kid that needed help. That is how Monte is, if it’s within his power to help a child he is going to do it no matter what color you are. I’m sorry but that does not sound like a racist to me. In the four years that I have known the Lane family, I have never heard him utter a curse word let alone a racial slur. Monte has the biggest heart of anyone i know and I would trust him completely with any three of my children. I’m not saying that he has never spanked his children, he has. But there is a big difference between spanking and abusing. However if you knew anything about Susan Lane, you would know that she is a very loving, compassionate, PROTECTIVE mother. If Monte would have abused his daughter Brooke, like others would have you believe, he would not be standing here today. Susan would take care of him herself!

  14. roxib2

    Rumor has it that the poor girl who has already suffered so much at her own fathers hand has been being put thru
    h e ll at home all week since the truth’s come out, that the parents have been berating her constantly since Monday to publicly deny the truth-and more or less keeping her prisoner until she does so…so once again this child is being victimized by her own father…I would like for her to know that there are those of us who keep her in our prayers, who know that she is a strong and brave young lady-who believe her and support her, as we do the young man involved. There are truly so many out there who know the TRUTH-not Monte’s convoluted version, but the fact that this child was abused, her boyfriend threatened-and that it was in turn covered up. The family who has chosen, might I say at some cost to themselves, to speak out deserves our support. As I’ve said before, the victimization is continuing…those of you who have chosen to speak out on these forums continue to do so! And by all means let these young people know that they have your support & you believe them…no matter what Monte is able to come up with that may make himself look innocent at this time, we know the truth…and just how precious is this election to him, so much more than his child or her self esteem, so important that he would try to make her publicly deny what happened to her-AT HIS HAND MIND YOU-therefore continuing to victimize her?? Monte Lane is a manipulative, hateful human being and I am so thankful that so many out there know the truth!!

  15. ObvsLee

    Some racists pretend to be good christians so they can run for office but sometimes things go so far they can’t hide it anymore. If you didn’t want your kid to date and they got a kiss in the hallway at school would you check them out of school? What century do you live in? What country do you live in??? Maybe you’re from the Middle East.
    It doesn’t matter if the boy was black about that part. That shows he’s crazy even if you don’t know the rest of the story. My youngest daughter was a friend of Brook’s at CCHS. This is all true.

  16. ObvsLee

    If they had to go to Utah because his daughter had some illness and she’s still sick why are they back in Texas? Maybe she is sick. I wouldn’t know. But that’s not why left.

  17. EDUB

    I believe PantherPride may have a reading comprehension issue. Roxib2, you are right, I beleive this mother did what most would do. Let’s get together as parents & talk to the kids about what is expected of them. How was she to know what she was dealing with at that point? This is exactly why voters are blind.

  18. ccp

    ccp says:
    February 17, 2010 at 8:27 am
    Thank you Jamie, for telling the TRUTH-people are hearing you, and taking notice. Thank you, because by putting this story out there and telling the truth you are saying to my son that it was NOT ok for Monte to treat him that way, to discriminate against him, to threaten him; and to Monte’s daughter that there are those out there who wish to protect her, believe in her and be there for her. Tyler nor I neither one have anything to defend…we did the right thing then, and are continuing to do so by telling the truth…
    Pantherpride…there ya go again, speaking on something you truly have no first hand knowledge of! I surmise by your comments, both here and at the Courier site, that in your opinion Tyler should have not cared about this girl or dated her because her daddy’s a racist and it upset him, therefore Tyler should slither away as if he weren’t good enough for her; that when she asked for his help in getting away from an abusive situation he should’ve turned his back on her-as you obviously would have. Thank God for this child that she had someone else to turn to besides a bunch of dumb a s s es like you!! As for the football game that you referred to-Tyler has played football since he was 5 years old, he’s always participated in any area event so why in the h e ll would he stay out of one because Monte was there???? Oh I know, again he should slink away because he may upset Monte, right?? If you took the time to read the story posted by Jamie on Feb. 16th you read Tyler’s interview and know that he referred to that incident as yet another one that Monte tried to approach him and make nice-probably when he was trying to get all the 18 and over boys to register to vote for him, but Tyler didn’t-because we have chosen to stand up and tell the truth for this community doesn’t mean that we should hide from anyone!! It’s people like you pantherpride, and your friend Monte who continue the bigotry and hatred in our community and our country…like Mrs. Michaels said, where’s Monte’s proof that this is all false? And tell me please tell me why we made all this up, dreamed up all these details and names…one day the truth is going to slap you in the face in such a way that you will no longer be able to deny it…I’ll accept your apology then, thank you!

  19. supportemc

    Speaking of lies… Monte has continued to advertise that he has his real estate license. Yet, according to the TREC it expired 6/30/08. The man can’t open his mouth without lying. Maybe he should be penalized for false information. Lane, Monte Harris #531178 Salesperson Expired 6/30/2008 No fingerprinting activity has been reported. I’m with you EDUB he doesn’t need to be around our youth!!

    Below is the TREC Penalty:

    A: Practicing real estate without an active license is a criminal offense, specifically, a Class A misdemeanor punishable by confinement of up to one year in a county jail and a fine of up to $4,000.00. In addition, TREC may assess administrative penalties not to exceed $1,000 against any person who engages in unlicensed activity. If the person charged with a violation was engaged in unlicensed activity and was not licensed as a broker or salesperson in the four year period preceding the date of the violation, TREC would be authorized to consider each day the violation continued or occurred a separate violation for the purposes of penalty assessment.

  20. mrs.michaels

    It’s all lies! Is that really all he can say? Back it up, if it’s a lie, prove it. Just like Tyler and his mother have proof of what you did. I have known Tyler since he was a little boy playing little league football. What reason is there for him or his mother to say these things? They can’t vote in this election, as previously stated. It must be horrible to live in a “prison” created by your father. I can’t imagine. Truth will prevail and when your daughter is old enough to get out from under your control, people will finally see you for what you truly are. I bet she wants to leave your house now, just can’t because she is a minor. According to this story, that’s only for 6 more days. Then what are you going to do when you have no more legal control over your daughter,Monte?

  21. EDUB

    If this man can abuse his own child, the most precious thing in his life, imagine what he would do to our public office. Montgomery County has enough trash, we don’t need Monte Lane!!

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