Since just after 10 am this morning the rains moved in off the coast. A welcome sight for many but not so welcome for motorists or illegal burners.

IMG_0749Close to 11 am an accident was reported on Brown Road at FM 1485 in the Grangerland area. Fire and EMS crews were on that scene checking the driver of the pickup for minor injuries after the driver rolled the truck in a curve after sliding.




IMG_0751As they did this a blue vehicle northbound on FM 1485 approximately one-hundred feet south of the first scene spun out in the curve and went to the ditch. There was minor damage to the vehicle and no injuries.





IMG_0753Within minutes another accident happened another one-hundred yards south of this accident. A Mercedes lost control and spun out hitting a cyclone fence damaging his steering but again no injuries.




IMG_0754The calls started for fire and EMS. DPS had calls backing up as Troopers responded to each scene. A rear end accident was reported at Fire Tower and FM 1485. This accident was at the intersection and not in the deadly curve.




IMG_0755But as Troopers worked the crash a wrecker came through the deadly curve spinning out and going into the ditch. The another rear end accident at SH 242 and FM 1485 with no injuries. 




Most of the accident seemed to happen in East County with one in Willis and a three car crash at I45 and the South Loop.


With the rains keeping fire and rescue teams busy the illegal burns started to be dispatched. As Caney Creek pulled up to one such fire in the 17000 block of Valley at Sandpiper smoke was billowing from behind a metal building. A second booster truck had to be dispatched to extinguish the trash fire as the Montgomery County Fire Marshal cited the home owner for the fire.

Just as they left that scene another illegal burn was dispatched one mile south on Old Houston at Springfield.

There has been nowhere near enough rain to lift the burn ban. Within one hour of the rains ceasing the sun will dry a pine needle out enough to ignite.


We wanted rain , please be safe driving, slow down and no outdoor burning.

Currently to be out of the burn ban the Texas Forest Service estimates we will need close to 20” of rain.

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