The following are statistics regarding the percentage of total capacity in the Montgomery County Jail for months beginning Jan 1, 2013. Also included are the total number of felony cases (original cases filed by information or indictment, motions to revoke/adjudicate, and cases reactivated where an arrest warrant has been executed). Felony cases awaiting disposition typically make up anywhere from 55 to 70 percent of the total jail population at any one time. Assuming a relatively stable use of bonds at the point of magistration, the correlation between the number of felony cases added and the capacity of the jail should be relatively even. A break in that correlation, such as a level number of felony cases added, but a more full jail, should drive discussion about felony caseflow management practices. Conversely, an increasing number of felonies and a decreasing jail population would indicate more than adequate time and judicial resources giving attention to felony matters. Capacity percentage information was sourced from the Texas Jail Commission Historical County Population Reports between January 2013 to November 2016 (http://www.tcjs.state.tx.us/index.php?linkID=325). Any months not included in this study have not been provided by the Texas Jail Commission. Information on felony cases added was sourced from the Texas Office of Court Administration Court Activity Reporting and Directory System (http://card.txcourts.gov).

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