At 840 pm Friday Montgomery County 911 operators took a call of a male who had driven into Lake Conroe in a Jeep and was still in the vehicle off Waterview Ct. in Willis. North Montgomery County Fire responded as did Montgomery Fire from both lands and by boat. Montgomery County Precinct 1 Lake Patrol also responded. By the time they arrived, a neighbor had jumped into the water and using a hammer broke the passenger window out so the driver could exit. The driver was backing from the home on Lake Conroe when he backed down the boat ramp and into the Lake. The distance between the two points is barely forty-feet. The Jeep sank to the bottom of the Lake which was about eight feet at that point. A wrecker driver had to swim to the vehicle with heavy cable and chains and go underwater to hook it up. Slowly the vehicle was brought up the ramp. There were no injuries.

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