Due to the extensive flooding and damages to homes in Montgomery County from Thursday’s heavy rains, County Judge Craig Doyal has made a local disaster declaration and submitted a request for the same at the state level to Gov. Greg Abbott.

The declaration follows just a little more than a month after a similar heavy flood event.

“As our emergency crews and first responders have assessed the initial impact from Thursday and Friday’s flooding, it is clear we have experienced widespread damages sufficient to qualify as a disaster,” said Judge Doyal.

“Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator Darren Hess is working with other agencies to assist and coordinate responses to the flooding, and has activated our Emergency Operations Center to support those efforts,” Judge Doyal said.

A request for assistance has been sent to Gov. Greg Abbott requesting state and or federal aid for additional funds to make needed repairs and to provide relief to citizens of Montgomery County who have been affected by the flooding. PDFs of the request and this press release  are available.

According to the Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management:

  • In Precinct 1 – Several Roads under water, at least three known washouts for partial or total road closure
  • In Precinct 2 – Several Roads under water, houses with flooding, no known infrastructure damage at this time; in city of Montgomery, more damage to buffalo springs bridge, which is completely closed at this time; over 100 water rescues performed, 57 people evacuated; there are more than 20 homes with water in them
  • In Precinct 3 –  Several streets are underwater, numerous within the Woodlands, but most have cleared. Timber Lakes and Timber Ridge had homes under water again.
  • In Precinct 4 – Several roads with trees and power lines down, blocking traffic movement.  FM 1485 likely to close again
  • 911 center lost power and generator last night, causing a loss in 911 calls and radio communications for short periods of time.  MCSO training academy building lost part of a roof.  Unknown other county damages at this time.
  • All in all there were well over 150 water rescues Thursday night, with homes flooded and an unknown number of flooded vehicles.
  • As of this morning, Entergy reported 25,500 customers were still without power, including several Montgomery County government offices.
  • Lake Conroe is at a pool of 203 feet (normal pool 201); the San Jacinto River Authority has opened the dam gates to 8120cfs (they had water sheeting over the top of their gates)

Judge Doyal asks Montgomery County residents to monitor weather conditions, remain safe and avoid roadways affected by water. Critical updates will be provided by the Office of Emergency Management for the next few days at