At 4pm Wednesday deputiesa from Montgomery County Precinct 1, 2 and 4 along with Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies, State Troopers and Game Wardens left Montgomery County Precinct One Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack’s Office in search of wanted suspects. In hand were lists totaling 500 people which are part of the ones causing the 10,000 warrant back log in the court. Soon after officers started to return with suspects in cuffs. Judge Mack spoke with each one. Some reducd fines were paid, some went to jail. Mack tried to work with each person that came through the court. Many had just ignored the notices, others didn’t have the money. Many were for driving with an invalid license. Judge Mack said many of those would have been eligible work a work permit allowing them to drive. Although it is restricted to hours set by the court after consulting with the driver on hours he works. Mack said the cost is quite less than the close to $1000 fine which could be imposed for driving while license invalid. Many warrants were cleared tonight and the tally will come in Friday morning. Judge Mack said anyone who has a warrant out in his court or any other court should call as arrangements can be made.

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