Judge Rules that Lone Star Ground Water Conservation District Rules are Invalid Ahead of November Election

In a judgment dated September 18, 2018, a Montgomery County judge ruled that a significant aspect of the regulations set by the Lone Star Ground Water Conservation District are invalid. The ruling means that regulations regarding annual groundwater production by large-volume groundwater users are now void.

This is a huge win for local community members ahead of the November election which, for the first time, will see elected officials seated on the Lone Star Ground Water Conservation District board that controls groundwater regulation throughout Montgomery County. Prior to the signing of HB 1982 in 2017, the board was appointed, rather than elected. HB 1982 also imposes term limits for board members and reduces the number of board members from nine to seven.

The judgment lays the foundation for the new board to clean up the rules and regulations that affect the water used by everyday citizens throughout Montgomery County. Elections will be held on November 8, 2018.Citizens can learn more about candidates that have been endorsed by Restore Affordable Water, a registered 501(c)(4) advocacy organization created by Montgomery County residents, business owners, and community leaders who demand truth, transparency, and accountability from the LSGCD at

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