judge wood goes light on a violent criminal

Friday Judge Cara Wood of the 284th District Court sentenced Mendez  to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for his robberies and aggravated assault on a peace officer and the evading. The charge could have gotten him 99 years to life in prison.  In addition he had already been on probation for burglary of a habitation he was given 5 years. The judge gave him 15 years for all four aggravated robberies, 20 years for the aggravated assault on a peace officer and two years for the evading charge. All of them will run concurrent.

Due to the law and him having the weapon he will have to serve a little over nine years.

On March 7, 2010 Moses Roman Mendez started a robbery spree on Loop 494 in Porter.  It began  in Kingwood around 8 p.m., and ended in a shootout with police in Porter a short time later. All three robberies occurred on Loop 494.

HPD officers were first dispatched to a robbery in progress with shots fired at Stop-N-Gas, located at 22325 Loop 494 in Kingwood, which is HPD’s jurisdiction. There he pulled his pistol, cocked it and put it to clerk Darlene Templeton’s head telling her to give him the money. Templeton  provided a description of the vehicle and the license plate.

While responding to the first robbery, officers learned of a second robbery at a Citgo located at 24551 Loop 494 in the El Rancho shopping center just north of Northpark. . A third robbery followed shortly thereafter at a gas station located at 27434 Loop 494 at the W. Martin intersection.

HPD Officer Shawn Freeman  who heard the “attempt to locate” broadcast happened to be driving past the third store at the time of the robbery and heard gunfire, then saw the suspect emerge from the store and get into his vehicle.

The officer pursued the suspect, who pulled into a Shell gas station and fired shots at the patrol vehicle, striking the front bumper before pulling back onto the roadway and continuing to flee for five to 10 miles.

After reaching Porter, the suspect lost control of his vehicle and struck a sign, which disabled the vehicle. By then, additional officers were involved and all of them took cover behind their patrol vehicles. The suspect repeatedly ignored officers’ commands to show hands and step out of the vehicle. The officers heard a shot fired and did not know if the suspect shot himself or was shooting at them. He then emerged from the vehicle holding his pistol. Fearing for their safety, the HPD officers fired their weapons. The suspect was hit by at least one bullet in the arm, sustaining non-life threatening injuries. He was transported to Ben Taub Hospital in Houston by MCHD.

At the time he had been in the country illegally, on xanax


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  1. slippedhalo

    What an outrage!! I am so sick and tired of criminals getting more rights than me. I obey the law, I work hard and I take care of my family. What does this POS do for society other than take and take. Judge Woods needs to pull up her big girl panties, step down and let the big boys do their jobs the right way. And, by the way, I am a female so I have every right to say that.

    She ought to be embarrassed and ashamed of her lack of backbone.

  2. ARP

    I agree with everybody here. I believe that the root of the problem is the perception that it “costs too much” to lock these guys up. Hell, maybe it does…so let’s make some budget cuts at TDCJ – cable TV gone, A/C gone, and back to the good old days of farming and raising livestock. If TDCJ prisoners cannot support themselves, then it’ll just be a rough winter for them. Why do I have to pay 5-10% property taxes so those guys can watch TV 24/7 while I’m lucky to relax a few hours a day myself?!?!?! Can somebody please explain that!
    And while were at it, let’s reverse some other BS cases! Make that woman pay McDonald’s back the $1MIL, send OJ to prison, and so on!

  3. Ray

    So you say. But you’re either writing a news story or an opinion piece–you can’t have it both ways. As some one who cleans up the mess after you “tough on crime” boys have had your say, I can tell you the only difference between 9 years and 99 years is the money we ALL end up paying to feed and house these idiots. What ever you can’t accomplish in 10 years, I guarantee you won’t accomplish in 20.

    99 years is a fantasy you can’t afford; it just makes you look tough on screen.

  4. OMG

    I’m with you clh2691, maybe these judges should be held accountable when these guys get out and get caught again! i had a close call last week by a robber that was evading, with a gun. he had been previously convicted of all three conditions. Lucky for me and my 3 year old, he decided to take his own life when cornered. i should have never crossed paths with him if the judicial system kept him behind bars. no thanks to those judges for that. and no thanks to them for helping me get my vehicle fixed since the robber crashed it up. do i thank them for my son and i not getting injured? not hardly!

  5. clh2691

    Because of judges like this, criminals get out and innocent people get killed. If a judge is not able to be tuff on repeat offenders in all areas of crime then they should do the public a favor and step down from the bench and let someone else do the job for them. When you commit a crime with the threat to harm or kill someone, the book should be thrown at you. Soft judges get people killed.

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