just as weather service puts out a fire alert for montgomery county fire fighters are called for a large debris fire

Just as the National Weather Service issued a fire warning for Montgomery County Porter and New Caney Fire Departments were dispatched to a mobile home fire. Firefighters arrived on East Community Drive to find a large pile of logs and tree debris burning. It had spread to one of eleven abandon mobile homes on the site.

Calling for an extra tanker firefighters had to lay several hundred feet of hose from the closest fire hydrant to supply the large amount of water required to extinguish the blaze.

The mobile home has just started burning when firefighters arrived and was quickly extinguished.

The pile of logs and debris put there by the owner of a tree service across the street took extensive man power to not just douse the pile but to pull it part by hand. Eventually the owner brought a dozer to spread it and help put the fire out.

Rick Jordan with Montgomery County Environmental has been working on the property next to it that has the eleven abandon mobile homes on it. He is attempting to gain funding under a Community Development grant to clear the property.

The mobile homes mostly have no outside walls and the area is grown over with weeds. In addition to an open septic tank that a child could fall into.

The transformer on the pole out front shows evidence of being shot at multiple times and power still goes to a pole that has broken away next to one of the trailers and leaning against it.

Scott Burlin with the Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office responded to the scene to investigate.

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