Kidnapping indictments for South Montgomery County trio

CONROE- A Montgomery County Grand Jury indicted three young women from South Montgomery County on Thursday in connection with a Sept. 11, 2008 kidnapping that targeted another young woman.

The defendants are former Woodlands resident, Kristi Coker, 20, who now lives in Houston; Brittany Rodgers, 17, of Spring; and Michelle Johnson, 17, of Spring.

The affidavit for warrant of arrest states Detective Mike Rogers of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office concluded, based on his investigation, that the trio abducted Veronica Smith.

The document alleges the Coker, Rodgers and Johnson forcibly removed Smith from her apartment, pushing her down the stairs and forcing her into Johnson’s Ford Mustang.

They allegedly drove Smith to a creek in the area of Riley Fuzzel Road, then forced her out of the vehicle and under a barbed wire fence, before cursing her and threatening to strike her with a crowbar.

When they saw headlights approaching, they trio allegedly forced Smith back into the car, and drove her to a Shell Convenience store on Woodlands Parkway, continuing to threaten her. After arriving at the Shell station, the document states the women forced Smith into a nearby wooded area, continuing the threats and cursing. All four thought they heard a vehicle approaching again and the suspects ran from the woods, leaving Smith behind.

Smith then walked out of the woods and went to the Shell station where she called her mother to pick her up.

The oldest suspect, 20-year-old Coker, already has a criminal history, according to Public Data. On Jan. 2, Coker pleaded guilty to “illegal operation of a sexually oriented business” in Harris County. She also previously pleaded guilty to failure to identify / give false information.
Coker was arrested on Jan. 22 for driving while intoxicated / open alcohol container.
She was also arrested for possession of a dangerous drug in another incident, but those charges were dismissed.

Johnson is currently in the Harris County Jail on charges of evading arrest.

Charges against any the three defendants before age 17 are not open to the public because of their juvenile status.

Veteran Montgomery County prosecutor Jim Prewitt will try the cases against Coker, Rodgers and Johnson in the 435th District Court of Judge Michael T. Seiler.

The charge is a third-degree felony, which is punishable by two to 10 years in prison.

No arraignment date was set as of Friday.

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