Wednesday morning just after 9 am, Conroe Police responded to a reported disturbance at 1716 Tyler Lane. The call came from a neighbor’s home. When the unit arrived the officer learned a 12-year-old child was getting ready for school close to 8am with his father, Ulises Villadares at their home when there was a knock at the door. His father answered the door. That is when two Hispanic males rushed in and tackled the father to the ground. They then pinned him to the living room floor where they bound the child’s and father’s hands with duct tape. They then kicked open the bedroom door which was owned by the child’s uncle, Ernesto. The suspects continued searching drawers and cabinets in the home. They also went through mail that was found in the home. They took some speakers, and X-box, a PlayStation, a sword and a hat. The suspects then tried to wipe away any signs of finger prints. The child did hear one man tell his father that the boy’s uncle Ernesto owed them $8,000. Ernesto told officers he recently lent his cousin some money for house repairs. His cousin then gave him a car for the debt. The child said the father knew one of the suspects parents. After about 20 minutes the group escorted the father out the front door with his head covered with a sweater. After ransacking the home, the two males took his father with them and told the 12-year-old boy he better not calls police, or his father would be killed. The child was able to free himself and go to neighbors who called police. While Conroe Police were on the scene the uncle drove up. Later that day just after noon an unknown male called the uncle and stated he was with the Cartel and wanted $20,000 and if he did not comply he would kill his brother and several other family members they named. Conroe Police Detectives immediately went to work on the case once they learned it was in fact a real kidnapping. Detectives worked on the case all day and into the night. They notified the FBI who assisted on the case. Wednesday night two suspects were taken into custody at a Best Western on West Bay Area Blvd. It was also discovered by the child’s description that one of the males identified as Nicholas Chase Cunningham was actually married to Ernesto’s cousin. During that arrest the FBI learned that Cunningham had a girlfriend on Elbert Street and that is where the victim was being held. They along with Conroe Police Detectives and Houston Police made a run on the home. Just before 4 am the FBI Tactical Response Unit made entry into the home on Elbert. Houston Fire Department got the call for a shooting on Darian Street in northeast Houston near Ley Road and Homestead. Before they arrived they leaned the location was actually one block over on Elbert. The victim who was shot was taken the short distance to LBJ Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The FBI SWAT Team was responsible for making entry and taking the suspect down as Conroe and Houston looked on. The FBI still haven’t said how it happened. However, the Agent involved in the shooting has been placed on mandatory leave as the case is investigated. Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon and Conroe Police Chief Dupree spoke with FBI Director Wray today who said the case is under investigation by the FBI Shoot Team. They also spoke with Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg and Houston Police Chief Acevedo who will also be investigating. It was decided the case would be prosecuted in Montgomery County. The child was put in CPS custody on Wednesday as no other relatives could be located. The victims brother was notified however, the child told until late Thursday. According to District Attorney Brett Ligon, the charges will be aggravated kidnaping and could go to capital murder. Even they did not do the shooting, they were directly involved in the victim’s death.

Jimmy Tony Sanchez is being charged with aggravated kidnapping

Nicholas Chase Cunningham is being charged with aggravated kidnapping

Sophia Perez Heath is being charged with aggravated kidnapping.

All three will be booked into the Montgomery County Jail overnight.

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  1. caltx80

    This poor baby y no longer has a family…. His mom just passed away and now the FBI KILLED HIS DAD…..FOR WHAT…the system is here to protect…if they knew they had the suspects ….WHY IN THE HELL DID THEY SHOOT…….WHY….The FBI owes that baby Everything… I believe all of us should come together and get him what he deserves…. Civil rights…. For Eulises…..

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