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Posted: 18.5.2013 17:36


Doug LoveMr. Doug Love, an icon at Kingwood High School , surrounded by his family and friends, passed away peacefully on Wednesday, May 8th at 6:30 p.m. He had an absolutely amazing 90 years with the last 25 years sharing his time, his enthusiasm, his laughter, his deep conviction to our school, his unforgettable charm, his wonderful sense of humor but mostly sharing his love for all those who have entered the doors of Kingwood High School for so many years. He was a substitute for the last 25 years after retiring as a Chemical Engineer, any day he didn’t dub he volunteered at the greeters desk and did early morning shift at the greeters desk every Thursday (before school started for late arrival day)-he worn a crazy hat to school every Friday and died at the age of 90 -only stopped working a month and a half ago -loved by all! A KHS icon!

It was Doug’s desire to not have a funeral service but to hold a Celebration.

That celebration took place Saturday afternoon the the Kingwood High School Stadium.  Several hundred attended the memorial and just like Doug, most wore some type of hat.

In lieu of flowers the family has asked that donations be made to the LOVE Community Service Scholarship through Just About Kids. Donations are being accepted online at or can be mailed to JAK LOVE Scholarship 4582 Kingwood Drive Ste E #185, Kingwood, Texas 77345.

Doug Love is survived by his wife May (who is 93) and his daughter Judy Love Rondeau and son-in-law Eugene Rondeau (“Gene”) as well as nieces, nephews, grand children and great-grandchildren.




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