-Police now saying that about 930pm a family of three were in their home on Longleaf Pines in Kingwood when they heard glass break. A male in the house and his son went to investigate and found a black male in his 20’s had entered the home from the rear. The son of the homeowner shot and killed the suspect who ended up in the backyard of the residence. The home did have security cameras and Houston Police, besides seeing the scene play out discovered another black male was with the suspect and fled to a vacant home behind the home that was broken into.




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  1. summerbreeze

    Heard on the news this morning that burglary’s spike this time of year, because of the trash people put out to be picked up. Burglars notice the empty boxes of new TV’s, stereos, and other nice gifts by the curb side, so they know what you have. Almost like displaying a list of the goodies you have inside!

  2. summerbreeze

    Three cheers to the son of the homeowner! Your Christmas gift this year is the lives and safety of your family. Great having those cameras going, too! Makes my blood boil that there are those who willingly break in, threaten to harm innocent people, and rob them of their belongings. Hope the camera caught the other persons face and ride, although the ride was probably stolen….Always keep your eyes open.

    1. Craven

      Unbelievable isn’t it? Dirty, stinky, theivin scum got just what he had coming. Can’t even chill in your own home during the holidays without those thuggers going crazy.

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