Press Release

Lake Conroe Releases Slowing; Level Still Near Flood Stage; Officials Preparing for Potential Future Rains

As of 5:30 PM today, SJRA officials have reduced the rate of release from the Lake Conroe dam to 13,765 cubic feet per second. Officials are attempting to slow releases to the extent possible to reduce flows downstream while staying within operational protocols and recognizing the need to be prepared for potential rainfall later in the week.

The water level in Lake Conroe crested at a level of 204.5′ above mean sea level and is currently at 203.3. See Figure 1 below for a graph showing the water level in Lake Conroe over the past several days.

Even though the lake is still near the 100-year flood level, SJRA officials have decided to allow motorized vessels on the reservoir beginning at sunrise on Monday morning. Boaters should exercise caution and good judgment if they choose to use the reservoir as there is still a high risk of submerged objects and floating debris.

Real time data regarding lake level and release rate is available on SJRA’s homepage ( In addition, gauge data can be accessed by clicking the link labeled “Lake & River Conditions” (look for the link labeled San Jacinto Contrail Web).

For data regarding when the various rivers and streams in our area will reach their crest and begin to recede, visit the National Weather Service’s River Forecast Center. Here you can click on a river or stream gauge and view a graph showing the historic and projected water level.

Figure 1. Graph showing water level of Lake Conroe over the past several days