WANTED: Larry Edward Tullos

Area law enforcement agencies are searching for a career criminal from East Montgomery County who they say is armed and dangerous and has told them he will not return to prison.

Larry Edward Tullos, 33, whose last known address was in the Splendora area, is wanted in Liberty and Montgomery Counties.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office recently questioned Tullos in connection with the sexual assault of a young female that allegedly occurred on November 9 during a party at the home of the Cleveland ISD Board President. Tullos is charged with Purchasing Alcohol for a Minor that evening and was still being questioned regarding the sexual assault when he vanished. He was last seen on November 23 and is now believed to be in hiding.

Tullos, a registered sex offender, also has an open warrant in Montgomery County because his probation was revoked on his Sexual Assault conviction.

Tullos’ prior convictions include:

· 1995-Theft of Property-Harris County-1 year probation

· 1996-Theft $500-$1500

· 1996-Unlawful carrying a weapon-Harris County-4 days jail

· 1999-Driving while license suspended-Montgomery County-72 hours jail

· 1999-Possession of marijuana-dismissed

· 1999-Sexual Assault of a Child-Montgomery County-Deferred Adjudication (Sentenced 6/26/03)

· 2006-Deferred Adjudication converted to 10 years probation.

· 2008-Assault Family Violence-Montgomery County-Dismissed

If you see Larry Tullos or know of his whereabouts, please contact the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.






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  1. vindication_advocate

    He was never on the run just waiting for his lawyer to tell him what to do so funny how so many people judge and believe the crap they see on the news do some investigating yourselves and you might see things differently! Also isn’t funny how you do not hear about the other suspects that illegally raped her I mean she said it was more than 1 all you hear about is the one that’s a registered sex offender and if the new Romeo Law was in effect then like now he would not even be one! He was 18 having consensual sex with a 15 year old when mommy got mad and pressed charges! They deferred it and did not prosecute until 2 years later which made him 20 by the time he was convicted! That’s why he is a registered sex offender! The only wrong he did here was buy alcohol for his friends little cousin who is 20 how many people have done that! It just turned out some idiots took advantage of a drunk passed out 19 year old girl! I feel bad for the girl but hopefully DNA will set everything right in the world!

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