Early Thursday afternoon a large hawk tried to dive under a gazebo in an attempt to snatch a small dog. The hawk was unsuccessful in that one wing slammed into an upright support breaking it’s wing. For several hours the homeowner made calls to wildlife groups in an attempt to locate someone who could care for it. It slowly moved along the fence line on the May Road property in Splendora.

The homeowner finally contacted Montgomery County Precinct 4 Livestock Deputy Don Smith just after 9 p.m.

Smith then contacted Captain Hollifield with the Montgomery County Animal Control. Hollifield dispatched a Animal Control employee to the scene. After determining the bird was injured she went to work in an attempt to get it down from an eight foot perch in the tree.

After approximately thirty minutes and attempting to get the hawk to release it’s sharp claws from the tree she was able to work it to the ground. Once down , she was able to cover it’s head and move it to a kennel on the truck.

The hawk with be turned over to a Wildlife Rehabilitation Expert to bring the bird back to health.


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  1. msvicki11

    The dog owner did the right thing by getting the hawk help. I lost my beloved dog to a hawk 2 months ago and probably would not have been so kind.

  2. tired of the thuggs

    a few months back a hawk had dropped a cockatiel off in my drive way i tried very hard to save it! the day after he died, neighbors around here are getting really tired of these hawks killing all their chickens , ducks and geese …….

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