Several motorcycle, jeep, and truck organizations are coming together with law enforcement Saturday, July 4th at 9 am for a rode to Splendora Police station in support of law enforcement. Allen Taylor with the Taylor Organization calls it a Back the Badge Rally All Lives Matter. The Thin Blue Line of Montgomery County will also be involved as will be Bikers Without Borders. Ray Hardin with the Splendora Police Department said, “it is great to have someone to stand behind us and give us support especially with everything going on nowadays. It’s nice to have someone that’s got our backs and will stand behind us.” He said that in small communities they see the support, people waving, honking, Patton Village Police Chief Shannon Sharp said, “This is why we do what we do, I understand right now it is very trying times for everyone and with the obvious war against law enforcement has been waged by a very small percentage of the country’s population.” The reason I got into law enforcement is these people right here, people we were sworn to protect and serve. That is very important to me and my team and Easy Montgomery County law enforcement as a whole.” He went on to say that he and the other chiefs in East Montgomery County have got your backs. He said, “we are not going to cower down, we are not going to kneel for anybody, and not going to let any of these things happen to you without standing behind you.”

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