Late yesterday afternoon, Deputies from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Crime Suppression Unit were assigned the task of tracking down, locating and apprehending a male, identified as Holmes, Tommy W/M 07/07/65 of Liberty County.  Mr. Holmes was wanted for the Felony charge of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child.

Throughout the investigation it was learned Mr. Homes was in fact a Fugitive on the run.  Information was obtained indicating Mr. Holmes was hiding in a motel in the City of Atlanta, Texas.  Deputies from the C.S.U., working with Law Enforcement Officials in Cass County, Texas were able to establish surveillance on the motel where Mr. Holmes was hiding.  As a result of this surveillance operation,   Mr. Holmes was positively identified by Officers on the surveillance detail and he (Holmes) was subsequently apprehended without incident.

Mr. Holmes indicated he was “going to turn himself in today.” However, members of the LCSO Crime Suppression Unit, by being resourceful and pro-active in their investigation were able to help                him (Holmes) in his quest to surrender and will bring him back to Liberty County later today to face the serious criminal charge which is pending against him. 

At this time there is no booking photograph available, however, as soon as one become available, it will be released.

By taking a “pro-active” stance against criminal activity, including but not limited to Narcotics, Burglary-Thefts, Violent Assaults to extremely serious cases such as the case listed above involving                Mr. Holmes, the LCSO Crime Suppression Unit has been able to and shall continue aggressively seeking out  criminal offenders throughout Liberty County and bring a close to Methamphetamine or other narcotics related labs/operations. 

It should also be noted, citizens providing information to the Sheriff’s Office, whether by telephone or the web ( ), can remain anonymous.  The valuable information citizens are providing us here at the LCSO is a tremendous asset to our endeavor in apprehending criminals and closing down criminal operations with Liberty County.  With citizens and Law Enforcement working together in a pro-active manner, a significant difference can be made in our community.  

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