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Posted: 4.8.2016 21:33

LCSO Employee of the Month


Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader’s “Employee Of The Month” selection committee has tapped one of the most experienced law enforcement Deputy in the county to hold that special August honor. Deputy Darrell Werner has only been with the Sheriff’s Office for about a year and a half but has, without a doubt, one of the strongest backgrounds in law enforcement that has come down the pike in a while. Deputy Werner has the unique position of graduating from two Police Academies which began with Hardin County and was completed by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in 1990 due to a transfer of class room activities from one agency to another. He then went on to the city of Bartlett, Texas where, within only a few months, was promoted to Chief of Police of that agency. Then after approximately three years with the Bartlett Police Department he joined the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office where he remained for the next 15 years. Then duty called from the Beaumont Port Authority Police Department and then finally to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office on January 26, 2015 where he has excelled as one of the most well rounded and capable Deputies in this agency.

Dep. Werner has over 1,400 hours in various law enforcement related schools such as Criminal Investigations, Child and Sexual Abuse Recognition classes, F.B.I Advanced Hand Gun schools, Fire Arms Instructor school and is a certified Field Training Officer to name only a few. His education continues as he attends additional schools and classes through the Sheriff’s Office Training Division. He quickly will add that self-improvement and improving his abilities are  his main objectives in his career field. He feels he will never stop learning more in order to provide better service to his agency and the community.

A strong family man, married with four children ranging from ages 23 years old to 39 years old with his oldest son following in dad’s foot- steps as an Officer with another agency for the past fifteen years is an obvious point of pride with this seasoned Deputy. It’s easy to see from talking to Dep. Werner that family ties are primary in his daily life and with his ability to play the guitar there is an added feeling of family unity in song. When ask his reasons for becoming a Peace Officer his answer was given quickly and with no hesitation. Dep. Werner said it’s his personal belief that God has a purpose for each person’s life and he feels strongly that God meant for him to be a public servant through law enforcement and that he fully intends to follow that patch set out for him.

So much of Dep. Werner’s personality and abilities were well set out by one of his co-workers that recommended him for this monthly honor when they stated (QUOTE) “… Dep. Werner has gone above and beyond what is required of him many times. He shows patience and understanding that can only come from an experienced deputy. He does a good job of gathering evidence when responding to a call, he is looked up to as a leader and as one “rookie” stated, He has taught me more about the spirit of the law than I have ever learned on any of my previous assignments….”. The fellow employee goes on to say that Dep. Werner compliments others when they do well and he serves not only as a motivator but as a counselor. His work ethics are outstanding and he is one of the most respected deputies within the Sheriff’s Office.

This professional aspect of Deputy Darrell Werner’s performance and dedication to duty is what allows the Sheriff’s Office to ask the community to join them in a  “tip of the hat” and a hearty salute for being chosen as the “Employee Of The Month” for August, 2016.