LCSO Recognizes Excellence – Deputy Charles Dagle

From Liberty County TX Sheriff’s Office:

Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader announced that Sheriff’s Deputy Charles Dagle has been honored by his supervisors and fellow co-workers as the Employee of the Month for April. Certainly not a newcomer to the law enforcement profession, Deputy Dagle graduated from the Jefferson County Police Academy in November of 2000 and quickly showed himself to be a well-trained and successful member of his chosen career field. Having come from the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office in June of 2017 he very quickly established himself as a leader among his peers and supervisors.

To quote the supervisor who nominated Dagle for this honor, “… Deputy Dagle has shared his knowledge and helped “rookies” and the seasoned Officers when they have asked for his help and advice. In addition he displays dedication and a good attitude and can be depended on and accepts responsibility….”.

An outstanding example of this type of experience and dependability is actually what led to his selection. Again to quote his supervisor, “… His experience and quick thinking recently helped in an incident involving a driver with a medical issue who was missing from the Houston area and found driving his car on Hwy. 90 in an unsafe manner. His actions clearly showed that it is not always about making an arrest……”.

One can recognize his seasoned response when he was ask what he felt was his most memorable call or case. Without hesitation he quickly said that every call he responds to is the most important and memorable because he knows that regardless of the type of call that, at that particular time, the call is the most important thing for the citizen who is asking for his help. This type of response represents two of the most important characteristics that a professional Officer must possess…. Strong ethics and heart-felt compassion for those he or she serves.

Married and with grown adult children of whom he spends most of his time with leaves little spare time for sports or hobbies but he does spend a great deal of time attending as many police related schools as possible because he now holds an Advanced Certification in law enforcement and is only a short way away from earning his Masters rating. With well over 1000 hours of such training his goal is certainly on the horizon. Interestingly his most sought after future goal in law enforcement is to someday become the oldest active law enforcement Officer in Texas. Once again, this only displays his deep seated love for his chosen profession and what it represents. When ask where he would like to see the Sheriff’s Office in 10 years, he said he would like to see it still “… in the reins of Sheriff Rader because he believes in training more than anyone I have ever met…”.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office has many such dedicated deputies serving the community but it is this type of seasoned experience that can only come with time and extraordinary in-sight into the many factors that encompasses police work. It is for these reasons that the supervisors and co-workers of Deputy Charles Dagle ask that the public join in saluting the well-deserved honor of being selected as the Employee of the Month for April, 2018.

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