Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader started out the new year with an announcement at the recent monthly agency meeting that for the second time, Cpl. Darrell Werner was selected for the Employee of the Month. This February nomination and selection came from a fellow employee with the support of many other co-workers of Cpl. Werner who knows him as one of the most personable and dedicated leaders within the Sheriff’s Office. This is not the first time for Werner to garner this prestigious award as he was also selected this past year for the same award and it is a testament to his consistency of his work ethics as well as his ability as a front line Patrol Division supervisor.

Certainly not a newcomer to law enforcement, Cpl. Werner graduated from the Hardin/Jefferson County Police Academy in September 1989 and after tours as a deputy with the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office and a three-year assignment as Chief of Police with the Bartlett, Texas Police Department he came to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office four years ago. Werner quickly rose through the ranks to become a supervisor in the patrol division.

During these years of service, Werner has attended some high profile classes on various law enforcement related subjects such as Crime Scene Investigation, First Line Supervisor classes, Child Abuse classes and is presently one of the agencies Fire Arms Instructors. He has amassed well over 2000 hours of specialized training and he now holds a Masters certification with the Texas Commission On Law Enforcement.

Cpl. Werner is married with four adult children and as he described himself, he is a “cowboy” at heart. He is quick to say that all his heroes are yesterday’s country western musicians and singers and his dad stands tall and above all of those as his number one hero. Werner and his dad had a band called the “Blue Grass Buddies” and sang on T.V. as well as radio and later formed the “Rawhide” country band playing many “gigs” right here in Liberty County. A guitar player and singer himself, he feels a strong bond to the country western world and credits his father for forming his younger years right up to his adult years into a strong faith-based family lifestyle.

When ask for a specific case that stands out in his mind, he will confess to a particular one but then is equally as quick to stress that all the calls he responds to are important to him because it is important to the citizen who called for assistance in a crisis situation. He acknowledges that law enforcement is in his heart and the reason for becoming a peace officer. When making a death scene his dad’s teachings comes flowing back to him and he responds by taking off his uniform hat when entering the home of the deceased and doing the same when the departed is brought outside for transport. He feels strongly that he should offer his respect and a silent prayer for the deceased as well as the grieving family members.

It is clear that Cpl. Werner is an example for others to follow so it is understandable when Sheriff Rader ask the public, along with all the members of the LCSO, to salute Cpl. Darrell Werner as the Employee of the Month for February 2019.

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