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Posted: 21.4.2016 21:48


Update 4/21/16

4 pm

The  flooding situation in Liberty County is slowly improving, after several rounds of heavy rain over the past four days.

Several homes and business  received damage from flood water and some locations received wind damage from severe storms.

A few roads were damaged by the rising water and county officials are working to identify any additional infrastructure damage.

Based on the initial assessments, Liberty County has filed a Local Disaster Declaration and forwarded that document to the state for review.

The governors office will determine if our area qualifies for any state or federal assistance and as soon as we know the outcome we will advise local residents.

We are now watching the Trinity River and as of this writing,the river is holding steady near 26.4 feet in Liberty,which is just a half foot or so above flood stage. 

Moss Bluff is holding near 11.8 feet and is currently projected to rise slightly above 12 feet.

These levels are well below those experienced in the previous 4 flood events over the past 11 months. The current outflow from the Livingston Dam is 25,100 cubic feet per second.

There is a great deal of water upstream and our office is monitoring that water as it makes it’s way towards Lake Livingston and early projections do not call for serious impacts in our area,however,we know that unanticipated events can occur and we will closely monitor and update as warranted. Residents living along the river should remain vigilant and monitor local media for the next couple of weeks.

Residents in the county can call the Liberty County Office of Emergency Management  at 936-334-3219 to report damage to your home. Residents of Cleveland are ask to call Cleveland emergency management officials at 281-659-0240 or Cleveland City Hall at 281-592-2667.