The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office has taken receipt of  seven (7) new Law Enforcement vehicles for its Patrol Division Fleet.  These vehicles are 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe’s.  The vehicles are designed specifically for Law Enforcement.  Through the assistance of special programs for small agencies, the LCSO was able to qualify for and receive these vehicles, already pre-equipped with lights, sirens, partition and other emergency equipment at a discounted rate. 

These vehicles are also rated “green” which help with the preservation of our environment by limiting emissions and conserve on fuel by not utilizing all eight cylinders all of the time, thus reducing the vehicles total fuel consumption.  The Tahoe is also  higher off the ground, allowing these vehicles to traverse terrain where our passenger cars were having extreme difficulty in reaching some citizens in various areas of Liberty County.

The Tahoe has more room inside the vehicle, allowing for more equipment, more room for Deputies, who work 12 hour shifts and for suspects in the course of transport.  All of the new units are equipped with state of the art emergency communications equipment, which allows Deputies to communicate with other Law Enforcement agencies across the State of Texas.

With the addition of these new vehicles and the new programs which the Sheriff’s Office has already initiated, such as the new web site ( ) and the top ten list which can be viewed on the web site, citizens are able to take an active role in helping Law Enforcement protect our community.

Sheriff Patterson and the members of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office want to thank the citizens of Liberty County for their support and assistance in making our community a safer place for everyone. “We are going to continue being  good stewards of the taxpayers equipment and use these vehicles to ensure public safety and service are always our number one priority” said Sheriff Patterson.


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