At the June Liberty County Sheriff’s Office  meeting, Chief Deputy Don Neyland announced that Amber Davila of the Bond and Fine Division had been selected as  the Employee of the Month. Chief Neyland pointed out the outstanding qualities of Davila and stressed that with her overloaded responsibilities she is one of those employees that will still go that extra mile to accomplish her job assignments in the most professional manner possible. With her somewhat laid back and very calm approach to handling funds for bonds and fines there is never a doubt that all records and finances will reach the highest standards possible.

It is clear to see that dedication to law enforcement is deeply rooted in Davila’s chosen career field as she is quick to say that when her husband was with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, she saw how her husband, who is now a Sergeant with another agency, considered the entire field of law enforcement as his “family”. It was this positive feeling that motivated her to join law enforcement to also be a part of that same “family”. After spending four years with the Dayton Police Department as a communications supervisor, Davila decided to move on to the Sheriff’s Office where she has now worked for the last five years. When she first started as a volunteer with the Sheriff’s Office, many hours were spend helping to inventory property, sort through and file records and an assortment of other duties within the agency.

Married and with eight children ranging from 21 years old to 11 years old does not leave a great deal of time for other activities but fishing and reading is something she clings to with gusto. The real gusto, however, is when she  speaks of her year and half year old grandson. Then the entire room lights up and she quickly adds that her main focus in life is her faith, her own family and then her work family. The future goal for this hard working employee is to stay with the Sheriff’s Office until one day she can retire with the satisfaction that she has done her job well and would become a standard for others to follow. As with many of the Sheriff’s employees, Davila’s hope is that one day there will be a more modern work place for her to work as the records, assignments and workload continues to grow as Liberty County also grows.

Due to the many outstanding work qualities that Davila displays on a daily basis, the supervisors and fellow employees ask that the public help to give a tip of the hat to Amber Davila for being named the Sheriff’s Office Employee of the month for June, 2018

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