June 25, 2022 5:39 pm



Monday morning Liberty County Captain Rex Evans appeared in Montgomery County Commissioners Court to publicly thank Montgomery County for the help they have given over the past year. The little Devon drowning to the Trinity River search for the Willis man who drown to the search for Dennis Rogers just east of the Montgomery County line. Attached is his letter to commissioners:


To: Montgomery County Commissioners Court

From: Rex Evans, Captain, Liberty County Sheriff’s Office

Ref: Mutual Aid assistance to Liberty County

Please accept this letter as a written form of Commendation and a sincere thank you to members of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Montgomery County Search and Rescue, Montgomery County Constable’s Office, Precinct 1, 2 and 4,Montgomery County EMS and many East Montgomery County Fire Departments.

In the County of Liberty, where much of the territory remains rural and difficult to traverse it can be a daunting challenge to conduct Law Enforcement / Search and Rescue Operations.

These tasks are even greater to overcome with few resources and equipment to draw upon. When we turned to you, Montgomery County for help, you did not hesitate to send all the help you could.

Since January 2012 until today, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office has responded to six major Search and Rescue Operations and an additional five Law Enforcement related operations which required the assistance, experience, equipment and dedicated personnel of the above listed agencies.

Those agencies, when contacted by the Liberty County Sheriff Office, immediately responded without hesitation and served with distinction which the citizens of Montgomery County should not only be aware of but should be extremely proud of.

One of the most difficult tasks of any Peace Officer is the Duty to inform a family of the loss of a loved one, especially a small child. In late March of this year, Devon Davis, a two year old boy, was reported lost by his mother and father. An extensive search ensued with personnel from all over south east Texas. Some of the first persons to arrive were from Montgomery County. This, in my mind speaks volumes as to the integrity of the men and women who serve your County.

With the help of the men and women from Montgomery County Law Enforcement we were able to locate and recover the body of Devon Davis and return him to his family for the closure they so desperately needed.

Please know, Montgomery County and all of the First Responders who aided Liberty County are in our prayers and we here at the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office are eternally grateful for your gracious assistance in our times of need.


Rex Evans, Captain