By: Jessica Shorten

Last night, at the Faith Tabernacle Church in Cleveland, TX, a prayer vigil was held for the law enforcement of Liberty County. This event was to show the support for all Liberty County officers as well as the support staff of the police department. The vigil was led by Senior Pastor Ken Smith, who praised the work of the Liberty County Law Enforcement and all who help them get there job done.

“We wanted to do something positive.” Said Pastor Ken Smith, “You’re always going to have that element that maybe isn’t too happy about these men and women.” He went on to thank the officers and show gratitude by offering a banquet in the fall for the officers. His son, and secondary Pastor, Kenny Smith said that “This generation does see the sacrifice that y’all make, and we love you so much.”

Sheriff Bobby Rader thanked the congregation for inviting them out and supporting them. Stating how ironic it was for the police officers in Dallas to have died protecting protesters who against them in the first place. “I promise you, these guys here, some very good friends of mine, I’d die for them and they’d die for me. That’s something insane, not many people would do that.”

The congregation then prayed around the attending officers and police staff, offering the protection and peace of God to keep law enforcement safe. They thanked them for protect them and for having the strength to go out and do their job. Cleveland Chief of Police Darrel Broussard said that “It’s very kind to see the support from the community, throughout the world, that is going out to show their support for law enforcement.”

“It helps us to continue to keep going.” Chief Broussard also thanked the people for the overwhelming support, say how people where bringing food and drinks to police stations for the officers. He believes that as long as this continues, more unity between the people and law enforcement will ensue. “There’s a lot of close knit people because of the small knit communities that surround this area in Liberty County, and so we continue to bond as a family.”

The event concluded as citizens and officers talked amongst themselves, sharing words of thanks, courage, and admiration for all police do.



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