Eight people were injured in an accident on the North Freeway involving a limo and multiple vehicles.
The limo rear-ended an SUV near the West Road exit. Sunday morning. When the limo driver told the driver of the SUV they needed to get off the main lanes of the freeway , the SUV driver refused saying he was going to wait for police.
Witnesses say when the limo driver started to go into reverse, the SUV driver started backing up as well, not allowing the limo to pull to the side. That’s when a tow truck owned by H-Town Towing hit the limo driving it back into the SUV.and then the barrier wall.
Officials say all the injuries were minor.

It took close to an hour to clear the freeway and then additional time to wake drivers who fell asleep in their vehicles. One driver was arrested for dwi who was passed out in his vehicle.

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  1. TG

    I would say the limo driver is probably responsible for the first crash but that remains to be determined. The limo driver was doing the right thing trying to get out of the traffic lanes to keep another and possibly a much more serious crash from happening. The SUV driver was being a jerk and is definitely responsible for the 2nd crash. I hope he or she is charged with it.

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