Local 11-Year-Old Kidnapping Victim Describes Ordeal


One day after escaping from a kidnapper, and two days after her eleventh birthday, Angeloy Oviedo was very matter of fact about her ordeal. The abduction and escape occurred around 6:40 p.m. Tuesday, in the 16000 block of Holly Lane South in Montgomery, when Angeloy left her yard to retrieve an escaped chicken, which she says is a common occurrence.

“I thought it was at the corner,” she said, “But I saw it a little ways into the woods and that’s when the car drove (into the woods) and forced me to get inside.”

The suspect, armed with a knife, first offered the girl a ride and she refused. He then grabbed the arm of the small 11-year-old, and forced her into his vehicle. She says he drove to an unfamiliar location and stopped in an opening, surrounded by trees.

“When he finally stopped driving, I got out of the car and started running into the forest,” Angeloy said. “When I got out, he started yelling something, but I didn’t hear him ‘cause I just kept on running.”

The brave preteen said she was hoping to find a road she recognized.

“I ran about 10 minutes, but I had to be very careful to see if he was following or anything,” she said.

When Angeloy emerged from the woods she began walking on the road in the dark. After about five minutes, a pickup stopped with a retired police officer and his family inside. The man asked her why she was out there, and she told him. The family asked her to get into their truck and they took her home.

Angeloy describes the suspect’s vehicle as a 4-door black car that sat low. She said he had a lighter and a few cigars in the front seat.

Angeloy’s neighbors, Nester and Jamie Espinoza have two daughters and were very alarmed to learn of the abduction.

“It’s so close to our house” Nester Espinoza said. “It surprised me, you know, we never expect to experience something like that.”

He called the incident “scary” and said he truly hoped the suspect was caught.

“We love our kids, and I think they should be able to go and walk around without worrying about anything,” Nester Espinoza said. “I’ve got two daughters and that’s my world. I don’t know what I would do.”

His wife, Jamie, said the family moved to the neighborhood because they believed it was a quiet and safe area. While one of her daughters is still too young to be unsupervised, the other is around Angeloy’s age. Jamie Espinoza said her older daughter is no longer allowed out of her sight.

As for Angeloy, she said she will no longer chase escaped chickens.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene and searched for the suspect, but he was not located. As they continue to investigate, they hope someone will come forward with information.

The suspect is described as a white male between 30 and 50, with blonde hair, brown eyes, and a beard. The suspect was reportedly wearing an orange striped polo-style shirt and blue jeans. The juvenile stated that male had a, “skull”, tattoo with writing on it visible on his left arm.

Anyone with information should call the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division at (281)-297-6510 or Montgomery County Crime Stoppers.

Crime Stoppers will pay up to a $1000 cash reward for information leading to an arrest or indictment of a felony crime. Call 800-392-STOP (7867). Anonymous tips can also be made through the Montgomery County Crime Stoppers WEB PAGE

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