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Posted: 27.2.2013 21:58

Local Resident Indicted by a Liberty County Grand Jury for Indecency with a Child.

BrandonSwearingenIn April, 2012 the Cleveland Police Department began an investigation into allegations of sexual contact between a seventeen year old male and a five year old child.

The mother of the child was advising her children that it was improper for anyone to touch their private parts. While informing the children of this illegal conduct, her five year old child advised that a family member had touched his private area.

After hearing the outcry, the mother contacted the Cleveland Police Department and a report was made. The investigation was assigned to Detective John Shaver. Detective Shaver contacted Bridgehaven, which is the local children’s advocacy center; an interview was scheduled for the alleged victim.

Bridgehaven employs personnel that are specifically trained to interview children in regards to alleged sexual misconduct. During this interview, the allegations were reiterated by the child in regards to the seventeen year old male touching the child’s private area.

A continued investigation was conducted which involved numerous interviews of family members and friends. Several subpoenas were obtained via the Liberty County District Attorneys Office for documents relating to this case.

After concluding the investigation, Detective Shaver presented the case to a Liberty County Grand Jury. Upon conclusion of the Grand Jury Proceedings, Brandon Wallace Swearingen was indicted for Indecency with a Child.

On Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Brandon Wallace Swearingen age 17, of Cleveland was arrested by the Cleveland Police Department for the charge of Indecency with a Child, 2nd Degree Felony. Brandon Swearingen is currently being housed in the Liberty County Jail awaiting bond to be set.