Thursday afternoon kept crews busy in Grangerland. An 18-wheeler log hauler with a load of cedar timber hit the power, telephone and cable television lines at the intersection of FM2090 and FM3083 closing the intersection. The truck owned and operated by Ralph Henry of Conroe had loaded his truck at Bellville. From there he traveled down FM1488 to IH45 and then around the South Loop to FM3083. During that part there were no reports of problems. As he turned East on FM2090 a log sticking up caught the lines pulling them down and snapping a telephone pole off at the base.
The truck did not stop there even though a twelve foot section of a log broke off and was deposited in the roadway. The driver continued east on FM2090 as a local business owner followed behind notifying authorities.
Splendora Police finally spotted the truck at the intersection of FM2090 and US 59. The driver was pulled off to the side unwrapping the wires from his load and putting the lines in the cab of the truck.
Trooper Martin with DPS arrived on the scene and cited the driver for the load being to high.
Meanwhile, at the initial location Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department and Grangerland Fire Department closed the intersection. TXDOT officials arrived and were able to move the phone and cable wires from the roadway and reopen it.


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