log truck flips

9:30am-Officials are in the process of righting a log truck that has flipped over on US 59 feeder just north of SH 242. At this time traffic eastbound on 242 is being diverted south on US 59. The feeder is closed northbound from 242. The driver had minor injuries and was treated on the scene but refused EMS transport. New Caney Fire Department is on the scene with Patton Village and Wood Branch assisting with traffic control.


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  1. willgat

    Sounds like a great plan ban all log truck because of a few ignorant people . The new laws for drivers are very strict the states are doing everything they can to get the bad drivers off the road but no matter what accidents will happen.

  2. tgroze

    These trucks need to be banned for good, they are always overloaded. They also hual ass when they get a long strectch of road. THey are very dangerous.

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