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Once again this year P6 Farms in Montgomery is hosting the Lone Star Maize. The Lone Star Maize is an eight acre corn field just a few miles west of Montgomery High School on SH 105. For the third year people are welcome on the weekends to get lost in the corn field or try not to get lost. The field is made up of two courses. The first which is easy for the kids and some adults lies on two acres of the field. The second one is much more complicated. So complicated that the Poole family who owns the field employ what they call corn police. These are employees who have learned the Maize and assist lost guests on getting out. A tower stands almost fifty feet in the center of the field where any problems can be spotted immediately.

This is the third year for the Maize which started in 2011 during the worst drought this area has ever seen. Even though the area around the field was brown, the corn was tall and green. This was due to almost 250 rows of drip line which water and fertilizes the corn during the summer.

Today Montgomery was hit with a large amount of rain. At 2 pm the corn field trails were quite muddy, However just 2 hours later most of the trails were drying out and very easy to walk.

Each year there is a different theme. This year, “In God We Trust” is the theme and laid out in the Maize. When the Poole’s were asked how they lay the field out so precise, the answer comes back, “aliens”. A trade secret kept among the different owners of nine fields like this across Texas.

Admission to the farm is $8.50 for children and seniors, $10.50 for adults and children under 3 are free. The admission also gives you access to slides for the kids, a duck race where the kids move the duck through a chute by pumping water into it from old hand water pumps. A cow train is pulled by a farm tractor on a trail trough the corn. For the first year they have set up a Nerf ball course where several hundred Nerf balls are thrown into a ring and kids use CO2 guns to shoot them at each other. Eye protection is provided and even up close being hit by one is not even felt.

A country store is set up with preserves from the P6 Farm including delicious Pumpkin Butter. New this year is old nostalgic candies, Pop Rocks, Button Candy, Rock Candy and much more.

The farm is open starting Saturday, October 5 through December 1, on the weekends except for Thanksgiving week. Hours are Saturday 10am to 8pm and Sunday noon to 5 pm. You are allowed to try it several times. However the large Maize takes about an hour to navigate.

Over the years several school trips have been made through the Maize and the grounds. With a prior reservation for during the week a charge is $5 per student.


From Interstate 45: Exit Hwy 105 West in Conroe headed towards Montgomery, approx. 15 miles. We are a short 2.3 miles west from historic downtown Montgomery. Turn right on Poole’s Road just across from the cell tower and farm entrance is on the left.

From Highway 6: Exit Hwy 105 East in Navasota headed towards Montgomery, approx. 20 miles. Turn left on Poole’s Road and farm entrance is on the left.

Google search: 9963 Poole’s Road, Montgomery, Texas 77356




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