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Magnolia Fire Chief Gary Vincent says, “The fire in Magnolia near Crown Ranch is not a danger to any of the homes in the area. Firefighters have contained the fire within the fire line and will continue to manage and monitor the situation.  Expect smoke to remain throughout the night.”


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9 p.m.

Approximately 100 heavily wooded acres in the Crown Ranch area have been burning for the last few hours. The Texas Forest Service is on the scene with over a dozen fire trucks, and also bulldozers.

The fire is only currently posing a threat to two homes, but firefighters are preventing the fire from reaching those homes.

The wind has pushed the fire toward Crown Ranch, but as it gets later, the wind will slow down and the moisture will increase, helping to slow the fire.

As of this posting, there have been no evacuations.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time.

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