After months of investigation the Montgomery County Precinct 5 Constables Office obtained a search warrant and moved in closing down the Sweepstakes Internet Café located at Hazy Hollow and FM 1774. One arrest was made and several machines and cash were seized.

According to Montgomery County Precinct 5 Lt. Buchanan the employees were paying out cash to winners on the games.

Gamerooms are not illegal in Texas! The problem is many are operated in violation of Texas gambling law. There is an exception in Texas gambling law for “amusements.” This exception is what makes such things as pinball machines and those crane machines that grab toys, etc legal. By law, amusement machines can only award the player with the right to replay or with non-cash merchandise prizes with a wholesale value of 10 times the amount of a single play or $5, whichever is less. Prizes can accumulate, however. A Texas court has ruled that gift certificates are the equivalent of cash and this is what gets many gamerooms in trouble.



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  1. rokbit

    Good job, precinct 5. Now move on down the sidewalk and keep up the good work !That little strip could use some house cleaning.

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