magnolia murderer gets life

Daniel Frank Longoria Jr., 43 of 30711 Meadow Edge in Magnolia was handed down a Life Sentence Thursday by a jury in the 221st District Court. The trial which started on Monday ended Thursday just before noon. After fifteen minutes the jury returned a guilty verdict. Another twenty-five minutes and he was given life.

Longoria has a long history spanning over many years. On April 20, 1990 he was arrested after a road rage incident. In that case Shannon Dossett, was driving when Longoria started running into the rear of his vehicle. When Dossett got out of his vehicle Longoria stabbed him. Dossett then got back in his vehicle and drove to a well lit convenience store for help. Longoria followed. As Dossett attempted to enter the store the clerk, seeing the blood on him, locked the doors. Dossett continued to knock to gain entry. That is when Longoria, using his vehicle slammed into Dossett pushing him through the glass windows of the store front and severely injuring him when a wall fell on him.

For that Longoria got ten years probation. In 1993 Longoria was arrested for DWI which caused his probation to be revoked. He was sentenced to seven years in prison.

That wasn’t enough for Longoria as in 1996 he did a drive-by shooting on Texarkana Street in Houston. There Phillip Salazar was shot twice. Once again Longoria was sent to prison for ten years for Aggravated Assault.

Out of prison again, n 2010 he stabbed Maria Gonzalez in Fort Bend County. While in the Fort Bend County Jail Longoria posted bond and had a GPS leg monitor placed on him.

Then on May 13, 2012 Raymunda Zarate Jr., 43, of Magnolia was at Spring Creek Park for Mothers Day enjoying a family outing. A verbal confrontation started between Longoria and several of Zarate family members.It was learned the verbal exchange became very heated. The Zarate’s  family indicated the disturbance was over the Longoria using profanity which offended some of them. The persons involved in the argument were separated from each other, but a second argument erupted and they all had to be separated a second time. The Zarate  and his family decided to leave the park to avoid any further confrontation. The Zarate  and his family arrived home in different vehicles within minutes of each other. Witnesses stated shortly after arriving home, they observed the Longoria’s  vehicle passing by the front of their house and then stopped at  Meadow Edge at Hickory Ridge in the Hazy Hollow Subdivision. Another argument began between the Zarate  and Longoria who then  retrieved a shotgun from his vehicle and fired at least two times striking Zarate.

Zarate was pronounced dead at 10:04pm at Tomball Regional Hospital. He suffered two gunshot wounds, one to the head and one to the leg.

Longoria, who was accompanied by three others fled the scene.

On March 17, 2012 Jose DeJesus Martinez, 18 was arrested in Harris County on an outstanding warrant. Martinez, who is Longoria’s nephew was questioned and admitted to the planning and participation in the murder. Martinez has not been tried yet and remains out on bond.

Daniel Longoria’s girlfriend, Angeline Christine McInnis, 29 was arrested and charged with Hindering Apprehension. She remains out on bond awaiting trial.

Longoria’s brother Adam Longoria, was also arrested for murder and is currently out on bond.

According to court testimony the leg monitor placed on Longoria in Ft. Bend County remained on his leg and not just showed him at the park but also placed him at the shooting scene when Zarte was shot.

During Thursdays trial two of the suspects out on bond attempted to sit in the courtroom but were ordered out by Judge Michalk.

Assistant District Attorney Joann Linzer who lead the prosecution on the case was very appreciative of the jury’s decision to put this very dangerous man in prison for the rest of his life.



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    That lucky slime…did not get the needle…how in the heck did a judge rule not to terminate this killer and brute. Oh well, just another ward of the state we will now have to feed, cloth, provide meds for, and on and on. How in the heck was this slime on the streets anyway ? Come on judicial system wake up and smell the coffee.

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