major accident at 1314 and church street

12:30pm-Porter Fire Department is on the scene of a major accident at FM 1314 and Church Street. (one block west of US59). FM1314 southbound is closed to traffic. Only one minor injury.


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  1. BigMac

    We, your readers, just want you to report on the real major accidents. Like the one on 1314 two weeks ago, MC vs. Auto where they had to call life flight. Not ones like this accident were there was one “minor injury”.

    It’s not that hard to decide which accidents to cover. No need to hire additional people but if you can’t decide which ones are major and which ones aren’t then yes, you should hire other people.

  2. BigMac

    Who cares what the definition of a major accident is, this is clearly not the public’s definition of a major accident. Even the details of the accident say there was 1 minor injury.

    I agree with ljschafer2, what happened to the details of the accident on this road 2 weeks ago? This was a “major” accident so where’s the information?? You all seriously dropped the ball on this one. This website needs to do a better job at following up on their stories!!

  3. JLaw

    Scott, thank you for keeping us informed. You are one man and can’t be everywhere. Keep up the great work on reporting the happenings in Montgomery County, you are doing a great job!


  4. txmedic846

    scott i would just like to say thank you for all of the good reporting that you do and as far as follow ups go i am sure that he reports what he knows. the terminology that is used can be confusing but major accident is not based on the amount of damage done to a vehicle.

  5. ljschaefer2

    Are you serious????? Is this what you call Major? What about the motorcycle and 18-wheeler accident 2 weeks ago that got no follow up. That was major not a torn off bumper.

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