major accident-multiple fatalities at woodlands high school-it’s shattered lives

Most  students participating in this years Woodlands High School “Shattered Lives” program reported to school close at 6:30 a.m. and started preparing for a day of events starting with a crash scene in the parking lot. Students were made up with glass in their head, bones protruding from different parts of their bodies, blood dripping from everywhere.

Then as the over 1,000 students and parents filed out of the school to the back parking lot a call came in to the Montgomery County Hospital District Office. That call was played over the loudspeaker for all to hear. The report was of the crash with several injured and dead.

Moments later sirens started approaching, led by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Motorcycle Division< ambulances, fire trucks and a combination of DPS, Precinct 3 Constables and MCSO patrol cars flooded the area.

Medics started triaging the mass casualty scene. One young lady crawled over her dead brother in the vehicle she had been driving drunk and flipped. She didn’t miss her bottle though.

Another apparent drunk driver was still sitting in the drivers seat when DPS Trooper Joey Taska approached. Waiting on a medic Taska told the driver several times to put the bottle down.  When he was freed from the wreckage and deemed uninjured Taska performed a field sobriety test on the driver which he failed miserably. He was then transported to the Montgomery County Jail in The Woodlands.

Medics pronounced several victims dead as firefighters from the Woodlands Fire Department continued to cut victims from wreckages, medics worked to stabilize them. One female was in cardiac arrest and was being attended to by not just Medics but deputies also.

One person was flown by PHI Air Medical from the scene. Others were transported by MCHD to area hospitals.

Body cars from Cashner and Metcalf Funeral Homes also loaded the fatal victims.

This was all part of the Montgomery County Shattered Lives Program which is put on at several high schools every year. They attempt to do it at least every two years in an attempt to get the junior and senior high students involved.

The program, which is privately funded but supported by many public agencies who offer volunteers and time, provides a life-like re-enactment of student’s killed by drunk or drugged drivers in hopes of preventing tragedies.Another big help to the organization is the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Citizens Academy graduates. Many have been involved for several years. Donations make the entire program a success. A budget of close to $10,000 is needed to put each program on.


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  1. onemoretime

    Lets hope no parents from Woodlands reads this, and thinks its real. I’m not from the woodlands, but for the 1st 4 paragraphs… i thought it was. I guess a “writers” dream to have a headline like this! Def an attention catcher! Lets hope noone has a stoke or <3 attack before they finish the column.

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