major accident on firetower

Just after 1 a.m. Saturday morning Caney Creek Fire Department along with MCHD responded to a reported major accident on Firetower Road near Tommy Smith. When they arrived on the scene they found a female in the roadway  with a severe head injury. Her vehicle am SUV had struck the end of a plastic culvert causing heavy damage. The Cleveland woman not wearing a seat belt exited the vehicle where she passed out in the roadway. She told investigators she tried to avoid striking a deer in the roadway. Later that changed to a cow in the roadway.

She was transported to Hermann Hospital in Houston by MCHD.


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  1. st3ve

    I live down firetower, I have for the past decade and over the years it is amazing how many people flip their cars or run into ditches on this straight road. I’m sure alcohol has a little to do with it.

  2. jdv

    I come home on that road every night between 3 and 5 am and have often
    had run ins with both horses and cattle on the road — I have learned as hard as it is to stay at the posted 35 mph DO IT!!!

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