Just before 11:00p.m. as Caney Creek firefighters pulled into the Valero at FM 1485 and FM 3083 a 2009 silver pickup passed them at a high rate of speed turning north on FM 1485. Moments later they heard what they thought was a crash. Within minutes another vehicle pulled into the store and advised them there had been an accident just up the road.

When they arrived they found the guardrail severely damaged and the silver truck with extensive damage in several feet of water. Witnesses told them the driver fled the scene. Unknown if there were any other victims Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies, Precinct 4 Constables, and MCHD drove through the area looking for the driver but he was not found.

Approximately thirty minutes later a property owner next to the accident scene was attempting to get his dog back away from the road when he realized his dog had found the victim David O’Neil of Conroe. He was wet, injured and in the woods almost one hundred yards from the scene.

MCHD was dispatched back to the scene as firefighters stabilized him. He was transported to Conroe Regional Hospital in stable condition.

It took wreckers over an hour to raise the truck out of the ditch without further damaging the guardrail.

TXDOT responded to the scene to set warning signs and barrels in place of the damaged guardrail.

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  1. rebelbabe1978

    This is the 53rd accident on this corner. If all the crosses were still up there passerbys would be shocked to know that many people died here. This man is lucky he was not another fatality here. Praying for his quick recovery; and hope it did not involve alcohol or some other intoxicating substance.

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