man arrested by conroe police stealing air conditioning components.

JOHNSON,VERNONGENEConroe Police responded to Wednesday morning to the Hilliard Oaks Apartments at 507 Hilliard for a reported man stealing copper. When they arrived they apprehended Vernon Gene Johnson, age 37 of the 400 block of Austin Road in Conroe.

He was dismantling two central air conditioning condensers in a secluded corner of the rear of the apartments. Both had already been destroyed by him. Copper had been cut and parts removed.

He has been charged with theft of material 50%/aluminum/bronze/copper less than $20,000 and placed in the Montgomery County Jail where he has since bonded out.


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  1. Swatz

    From the look of the picture with the sign in it, that says “newly Renovated” I’m thinking we need to date such signs.
    It’s also getting bad, with the copper thefts. We need to really nail these people to the wall. They steal stuff that ends up costing massive amounts to repair/replace.

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