Saturday morning around 3am Starlan Herbert Smith Jr. was traveling north on I-45 in his Ford pickup. As he approached Tamina Road he slammed into the rear or another Ford pickup driven by Karla Gabriela Tapia, 25, of Channelview. The impact was so intense that is caused Tapia’s truck to slam into the center wall and roll several times.  Both Smith and Tapia were transported to the hospital. A short time later Tapia passed away. Smith, of the  14700 block of Libra in Willis was charged with intoxication manslaughter and transported to the Montgomery County Jail. His bond was set at $100,000. Smith has since bonded out.

This is not Smith’s first meeting with the judicial system.

2001-Assault Causes Bodily Injury –Dallas-Probation-Later Revoked

7/2002-Assault Causes Bodily Injury-Dallas-3rd degree felony-10 years TDCJ



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  1. ViraJane

    I hope Montgomery County makes an example out of you. You are a worthless piece of garbage that murdered Karla. You will never know the heartache, that your choice for driving drunk has caused this family so much pain!
    The family demands justice be served! You need 20 years behind bars with Karla’s picture in your cell, to remind you of the precious young life that YOU STOLE from her!
    I urge the DA’s office to please not drop the ball, and get this scum in prison where he belongs.

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