BLACKWELL, STANLEY  Precinct 4 Constables have been working on  a lead most of the week that a man wanted for sexual assault of a child nineteen-years ago in Travis County was in the area. After following up several leads they found an apartment in Kingwood which he had. Unable to locate him there they ran some other leads and Saturday those leads paid off for Sgt. Willingham and Deputy Cox.

They traveled to Crosby, in Harris County. They wee to the suspect owned a crematorium there with his wife. They entered Chapel of the Pines at 503 FM 1942 and were told fifty-eight-year-old  Stanley Hershal Blackwell was in a back office and were shown how to get there.

As they walked into the office they found him talking with an employee. Asking him to step outside he was arrested and transported to the East Montgomery County Jail. Blackwell, who showed his address as 2522 North Krenek which is a large home with horses and several acres in Crosby is now in the Montgomery County Jail awaiting transport to Travis County on the 1995 warrant.

Stanley Blackwell  did not stay out of the public eye much at all. On September 8, 2008 Channel 13 Jessica Willey interviewed Stanley when rumors were flying  that officials were hiding bodies from Hurricane Ike. He had four 18-wheelers parked at his crematorium from FEMA. He said at the time he was a regional storage site for area funeral homes without power.

He told her when the power went out FEMA sent the trucks and the funeral homes sent at least 100 bodies that were not from IKE to store in the refrigerated trucks.

According to state records his morticians and operators license and his drivers license both expired in 2000. He had someone actually running the operation for him as his wife handled the business end.

The young child is now grown but Travis County still refers to him as T.H. to protect his identity. In 1994.

“When we received this information from a local source,” Constable Hayden said. “It disturbed us all, not only as law enforcement, but as parents,” Constable Hayden said.

“We investigated, found the information to be accurate and we took action,” he said. “The young and the old are the most defenseless in our society and we’ll do everything within our power to bring to justice those who prey upon them.”

EDITORS NOTE: Below is from court transcripts. It may be graphic for some but it shows just how vulnerable our children are. According to Montgomery County Officials three-years ago there were just under 100 cases of sexual assault in Montgomery County, two years ago there were over 150 and last year over 250 cases. Of the cases last year 50% were under the age of 18. Parents explain  the dangers to your children, don’t assume that they know about it. The one thing that stood out in support of this was the following paragraph:

T.H. was in a frightened state when his mother picked him up, having just left Blackwell’s house; he told his mother that Blackwell had grabbed his pants; and T.H. and his mother decided to talk to the police



Court testimony is as follows:

T.H. met Blackwell while waiting at a bus stop in his neighborhood. Blackwell was walking his dog and approached the boy at the stop. They began talking about Blackwell’s dog. At some point, Blackwell suggested that T.H. could earn money by doing lawn work for him at his ranch in Manchaca. T.H. gave Blackwell his address. Blackwell began visiting and calling the boy at his home.

Blackwell called T.H. to see if he would do some mowing at his ranch. T.H. agreed and Blackwell drove to his house and picked him up to take him to the ranch. On the way there, Blackwell picked up another boy, Chris Newby, who also helped mow the ranch. Blackwell dropped them off at the ranch and told them he would be back in four hours.

Several hours later, Blackwell picked up Newby and T.H. from the ranch. Blackwell stopped at a store to get some beer, and then drove the boys to his house. At first, all three were in the living room, watching television. T.H. was lying on the couch. Blackwell asked T.H. if he wanted to watch pornographic movies. T.H. did not reply, and Newby got up and went to the back of the house. Blackwell went down the hall a couple of times, commented about what Newby was doing in the back of the room, and then put a pornographic movie in the VCR.

T.H. started to get scared. Blackwell asked him if he liked what he was watching, and T.H. said that he needed to go home. Blackwell replied that he was going to change his shoes and would be right back. When Blackwell returned to the living room, he had on only his underwear and a t-shirt. He went to the couch, knelt down beside T.H. and told him to take his pants down. T.H. refused. Blackwell put his arms over T.H., held him down, and began taking off T.H.’s jogging pants. He handed T.H. a magazine, which T.H. put over his face. Blackwell then performed oral sex on T.H. When Blackwell finished, he got up and started walking back down the hallway.

T.H. immediately got up, pulled up his pants, rushed out the door, and ran across the street. He ran about three-fourths of a mile to get to a telephone. As he was looking down the street, he saw Blackwell driving in his truck one street over. He saw two people in the truck. T.H. reached a Seven-Eleven and called his mother to come pick him up. He told her that Blackwell had tried to have sex with him.

T.H.’s mother picked him up at the Seven-Eleven. While they were driving home, they stopped at a Walgreens and called the police. T.H. did not want to hurt his mother, so he minimized the story. He said he told the police more but he would not tell them the whole thing. Although T.H. had never given Newby his phone number, Newby called him when T.H. got home. He told Newby he ran out of the house because Blackwell tried to have sex with him. T.H. has not had contact with either Newby or Blackwell since that day.

Newby testified to the following. Newby helped mow the ranch with T.H. and returned with T.H. and Blackwell to Blackwell’s home, where all three watched television in the living room. Newby went to the back of the house, and at some point left Blackwell’s house and went back to his own home a block away. About forty minutes later, Blackwell showed up at Newby’s home, saying that T.H. ran off somewhere and asking him if T.H. was there. The two got in Blackwell’s truck and started looking for T.H. Blackwell was sweating, appearing nervous and worried. He told Newby that he performed oral sex on T.H. Blackwell was "just all nervous and driving around and asking me what he was going to do." He gave T.H.’s telephone number to Newby and wanted Newby to talk to him and make sure that T.H. did not tell his mother.

Newby also testified that Blackwell came to see him after he found out he was going to be arrested. Blackwell was nervous and wanted him to come up with a story to explain what happened. Newby suggested that Blackwell say that T.H. planned to use the lawn money on alcohol and drugs, that Blackwell would not pay him for the mowing if he planned to spend the money that way, and that T.H. promised to "mess him over" if he refused to pay him the money.

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