November 29, 2022 3:47 pm

Posted: 25.11.2022 3:13


At 10:30 p.m. North Montgomery County Fire Department received a call that an 18-year-old teen had crashed into the bridge going over a creek on South Duck Creek Road in northeast Montgomery County. Callers said the vehicle was hanging off the bridge and the driver who was trapped was not moving. The first units on the scene confirmed the entrapment and called for additional manpower. The vehicle, which had been traveling north on South Duck Creek, lost control on the wet road and slid sideways into the bridge railing. Knocking the end of the railing into the creek the remaining guardrail went through the passenger window and through the dashboard stopping at the driver’s door. The driver was trapped between the guardrail and the vehicle with his foot trapped under the dashboard. The dashboard had wrapped around the railing. Firefighters stripped three trucks down of rescue tools. The vehicle, which was teetering on the bridge with the threat of falling into the deep water, required firefighters to tie it off to the firetruck. They then went to work basically having to dismantle the Kia Sephia to free the man. After 25 minutes they were able to extricate him. He was transported to HCA Conroe in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. DPS is investigating the crash but had no information as to why he lost control. One left rear tire had no tread and the seatbelt had not been used. The rail was so deep through the vehicle that it required a heavy-duty wrecker to pull it off. Adamicks Wrecker was able to do the job.