Man in the white hat visits the Men in Black


Montgomery County Sheriff Tommy Gage paid a surprise visit to the Pct. 4 Office of Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden on New Year’s Eve and got a personal tour of the County Annex where remodeling is underway.

With Pct. 4 Justice of Peace James Metts’ offices and courtroom moved to a new building behind the original annex, the offices in the old building are being updated and expanded, both of which were sorely needed. It was the Sheriff’s first look at Hayden’s new digs, which are near completion, as well as the new MCSO and DPS areas of the annex.

Hayden was a corporal under Sheriff Gage’s administration when he left that post to become Constable. The Sheriff said he was sorry to lose a good officer, but he knew Hayden would be a good Constable for the citizens of Pct. 4. New Year’s Day marked the one year anniversary of Hayden’s oath of office.

Sheriff Gage and Constable Hayden have since worked together supporting charitable causes, and their agencies provide assistance to one another when needed.

Pct. 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden (right) shows Sheriff Tommy Gage a new suspect interview room.

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