Saturday morning Cypress Creek EMS responded to the Epoch Residential-Pierpont Construction site at 23770 Spring Wood Village at the Hardy Tolll Road and I-45. The first report was a building collapse. From a witness it was not a building collapse but a shallow trench collapse. One worker had a non-life threartening head injury after it was reported he had fallen and was covered up to about half is body in dirt.

MCPR went to the scene and spotted something much more hazardous than the construction site itself.  With a subdivision just behind the construction project and Northgate Crossing Elementary just blocks away a hazard to pedestrians and motorists exist. THe construction site which sits approximately twenty feet below grade is surrounded by a portable chain link fence. Danger signs are posted but are behind a green screen that hides the project. The fence is just inches from the drop off and in several cases pushed in where a child could easily fall into the hole through the fence..  In addition there are no barriers erected in that if a vehicle on the feeded of the Hardy Toll Road would run off the road it could also easily make the twenty foot drop.

We have left a message with the corporation but have not yet received a response.



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