Chaz Clinton Barnett, 39 of Porter has been released on a total of $60,000 in bonds, $20,000 for each of his 3 charges. Friday night as Montgomery County Deputies worked a crash on Northpark Drive, 4 persons in a side by side raced by going westbound on the roadway running over signs along the side of the road. As he passed wreckers and law enforcement he was yelling profanities. He then cut up into a field. About an hour later that same side by side was spotted by Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables on East Martin. A pursuit was started as the side by side fled at speeds of approximately 45 miles per hour. As it got to Needham Road the driver, identified as Chaz Clinton Barnett, 39, of 1421 North Park tried jumping a ditch. He was unsuccessful and the side by side crashed into the opposite side of the ditch ejecting the occupants. Barnett was transported to the hospital and then to the Montgomery County Jail. He has been charged with evading arrest in a motor vehicle, driving while intoxicated third or more, and unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon. His front-seat adult passenger was also transported to the hospital. A juvenile female was transported with broken ribs and another juvenile female was transported to the Texas Medical Center in serious condition. The side by side suffered major damage. Barnett was arrested in 2001 for DWI Houston. He was given probation which was later revoked and sentenced to 60 days in the Harris County Jail. Then in September 2006, he was arrested by DPS in Montgomery County and was given 1-year probation which was also revoked and was given 30 days in jail. Then in July 2012 h was arrested again for DWI by DPS in Montgomery County. Being a felony he was sentenced to 10-years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice which was probated for 2- years. Then on July 2, 2017, he was again arrested for his fourth DWI in Galveston County and in May 2018 was sentenced in Galveston County to i-year in jail but it was probated for 2-years. At the time of Friday nights crash, he was still on probation in Galveston County.

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  1. Michael

    Ok so what’s a “side-by-side”? A Polaris Slingshot maybe?

    People that are found guilty of DUI/DWI should be banned from operating any vehicle on the public highway system FOR LIFE with long imprisonment and forfeiture of any vehicle they are ever caught operating on the public highway system in the future! If they cause an accident that hurts or kills someone else, it should be life-in-prison without parole!

    The penalties for DWI/DUI are just too lenient IMHO, there are far too many repeat offenders and they hurt and kill innocent motorists far too often! Just saying….

  2. Jstar

    Are you kidding me??! My son got 2 DWI years ago and ended up spending 2 yrs in TDC and 4 yrs probation, AFTER finishing a year in dwi/drug court, thousands of dollars spent on fees, court costs, breathalizers in his truck, including paying for maintenance etc….just got all of that mess cleared and completed last yr…and THIS smuck is on his 5th and is released yet AGAIN??? Lemme guess..narc much? *disgusting* >:(

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